Review of THE CHRISTMAS SECRET by Wanda E. Brunstetter

Publisher: Shiloh Run Press | Published: October 1, 2016 | Formats: eBook (144 pages), Paperback (144 pages), and Audio | ASIN: B01LZ554R8, ISBN: 9781634096751, and Audio ASIN: B01LYI8HJ3 | Origin: NetGalley


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Inside THE CHRISTMAS SECRET by Wanda E. Brunstetter, we are living in Allentown, Pennsylvania during the 1880’s at a joyous time when Elizabeth Canning prepares for her birthday wedding to David Stinner!

She and her betrothed will be living in the cabin her family built inside years passed. It’s small and cozy with both good and bad memories stored inside, but the good far outweigh the bad. In losing her mother, she lost much, but Elizabeth believes her mother would be happy that she is traveling the same wedded path upon her Christmas Eve nuptials. Helped by a friend, Elizabeth is at the cabin setting it up to be home, and she’s finding past family trinkets and remembering long told stories along the way until their work is done. Now, Elizabeth is awaiting her David and sets to read an old journal that she found while believing she’s about to discover some funny stories to share, but something goes terribly wrong.

Meanwhile, David Stinner’s business is bustling with orders, and although he is still learning, he’s off to a wonderful start. His soon-to-be wife has no problem with waiting to buy a home until his business expands, and her family is even providing the small place as their home. Who would have expected his life would be moving so fast, doing so well, and that he would be this happy?

When he arrives at the cabin to bring Elizabeth back to her father’s house, he can tell she’s just not right. Despite her protestations of being tired from the work, she steadfastly refuses his help in deference to their honor without a chaperone. True and understandable. He knows she is correct, and her understandings of such things are more reasons why he is in love with Elizabeth.

He’s busy at the shop, and she has become ill. Her family believes this will pass and that she’ll be fine enough for a visit soon they say until a letter tells him otherwise.

Elizabeth Canning has just called off their wedding and already left town!

Her family does not know where she has gone or why and are worried. David is working his contacts to find out where she would go since not even her friend will say. Does she not know? On the other hand, is she not telling him?

He will prove his love for Elizabeth and find her even if it means putting his business aside. Surprises are abounding on this journey as secrets are revealed.


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As the wedding nears, Elizabeth Canning is planning for a wonderful life married to the man she loves until her dream becomes hopeless from a secret that will hurt many!

David Stinner worries about his betrothed’s sudden illness, but her family maintains she will be fine that is until she leaves town without their knowledge. At a loss and frantic, David commits to finding her.

Once the secret is out and he finds Elizabeth, will the results leave David completely shattered?