Review of DEATH IN THE MIND’S EYE by Rick Acker

Publisher: Waterfall Press | Published: October 25, 2016 | Formats: eBook (414 pages), Paperback (414 pages)and Audio | ASIN: B01F8PWUXG, ISBN: 9781503937680, and Audio ASIN: B01M0G9BQ3 | Origin: NetGalley


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DEATH IN THE MIND’S EYE by Rick Acker intersects malpractice, money, and murder with intense suspense, and we are front and center as death visits the courtroom!

Skirting the lines of law and criminality isn’t hard to do, but when someone jumps off a cliff, we spiral into a well-funded campaign to leave nothing to chance. That is precisely when San Francisco attorney Mike Webster is brought on to a case that just will not die.

Dr. Johanna Anderson uses her private psychology skills and her fMRI machine with patented approach and technology for the benefit of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation until a patient dies. The death of Seth Bell couldn’t be the end of her practice, right?

Think again.

The decedent’s father—A Senator who is well-known for being the advocate of those with prison in their past and those who need second chances—is determined to clear any labels from his son’s name and his family reputation. Senator Bell will bring to justice the one behind his son’s new health issues and new problems to find out what happened and put the blame on his psychologist, Dr. Johanna Anderson. He will stop any other from having to endure such a tragedy.

Meanwhile, this doctor’s career is not going down without a fight! She needs a lawyer and is determined to have one that meets her criteria. Why couldn’t she use her skills that do help others to help herself? She can read many things from body language and demeanor, and she will have conversations with her subjects to confirm her choice. She is fighting to help many along with herself. This technology known, as The Mind’s Eye, is not run-of-the-mill and can help those needing help. She can too. However, Jo isn’t the only one notified of this lawsuit against her.

There is a company that many don’t notice, but its role is to bring help to the firms and investors that need their kind of services. After all, many companies, countries, and investors are unable to work in the United States, for various reasons, unless they have a little help. In addition, Horizon Finance likes to seek out different financial benefits to shop around too.

In this courtroom drama, we are brought into the lives, deaths, and dreams of those inside the battle of Bell vs. Anderson unleashing danger from many sides!

Is there more to The Mind’s Eye story than we know? On the other hand, is this just all about money?



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Inside DEATH IN THE MIND’S EYE by Rick Acker, Mike Webster’s prominence comes as a medical malpractice attorney working on the plaintiff’s side. His reputation lands him without a single loss, and he’s on this side of the lectern to help those that have been hurt, injured, or left behind. With faith and good intentions, Mike takes his representation near those the blurred lines Lady Justice will often wave.

However, he has never really met someone from the defendant’s side that wanted his representation, until today.

A lawsuit claims Dr. Johanna Anderson failed to prevent the death of Seth Bell. Determined to save herself and her technology, she searches for an attorney. Not any attorney will do. She wants one who has reputation and ethics; in addition, Mike Webster has not lost, yet. She even has seen him in court. That is why Jo reaches out.

Jo needs him to come over to the defense table to help her and those who need her. She’s fighting a Senator’s family who is known for his advocacy, and she needs someone who will not shrink from the politically charged environment.

Well, the one thing is for sure, this will cost her money, and she has money to pay him.

The doctor’s funds are solid and not tied up in something intangible, but her funding is not endless. That’s where Horizon Finance will tie up the loose ends and take control of the Mind’s Eye system. The money that a sale of this technology will net at auction will be tremendous. Be aware. When Horizon sets its focus, nothing will stop them from taking what they want.

What if some people die? That is not a problem for those inside Horizon. In fact, it’s often preferable.