Review of SILENT NIGHT SHADOWS by Sarah Varland

Publisher: Love Inspired Suspense | eBook Published: November 1, 2016 and Paperback Published: November 8, 2016 | Format: eBook (224 pages) and Paperback (224 pages) | ASIN: B01F1SCZ3K and ISBN: 9780373447817 | Origin: Author 


Cover: Courtesy of Love Inspired Suspense


SILENT NIGHT SHADOWS by Sarah Varland begins with suspense as she moves us from under the Christmas lights and into the hands of an abductor, tightening suspense quick in ways we won’t see coming!

Just as one event ends, we are on the run from a hunter’s gunfire as the past assaults us at every turn.

Claire Phillips is back home in Treasure Point where reckless danger almost never exists. She is playing it safe, and although safety can define the word boring, it is what Claire needs and wants. The problem with living on the edge, pumping adrenaline, and taking risks is something she’s seen first hand.

However, it is nowhere she wants to be again.

Her hometown isn’t risky, but it is beautiful. It is home. From her coffee shop to her apartment, she’s okay with being just Claire from Treasure Point, until meaty arms take her from the street and into the bushes.

Meanwhile, Nate Torres is in Treasure Point and has seen Claire Phillips. He is a part of the past that she seems to be on the run from, and he’s not sure of what type of reaction toward him she will display. Sure, his looks are different. Nate has changed much, but he’s sure it will not take long for her to put it all together. When those puzzle pieces fall into to place, he had better do some fast-talking.

Luckily, he’s undercover only somewhat and her knowing his identity won’t get him killed. To all of the townsfolk, he is a photographer, and Claire does not know his career so that should remain positive. He could use her help on this one. It is a balancing act of what he could use her for to knowing how he’s better off keeping her at bay. However, it doesn’t take long for all that to be irrelevant.

In front of him, she is dragged into the bushes, and he only has one choice now as his problems have just multiplied.

The identity of the one who has her changes everything!

How would Claire Phillips connect to his drug smuggling ring? Yes, he has an informant here, but this just does not fit into what he knows of her. What does she know? More importantly, whom does she know?

They are treading on a deadly path and time is running out.


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In SILENT NIGHT SHADOWS by Sarah Varland, drugs hijack the Christmas holiday. How does all this connect to Claire Phillips?

Claire went to college and learned a lesson that will haunt her for life. Safety matters. Risks can kill.

After college, Claire goes back home to lead a perfect and expected life, although it is boring and mundane. What other choice does she have? She can not go through that again. Home is safe. However, the man that takes her into the bushes breaks her illusion of the Christmas holidays being normal.

In Treasure Point, safety is not as Claire believes it to be.

Nate Torres sees the unthinkable going down and must act. He cover isn’t going to last now.

The woman he knows is looking at him as recognition is beginning to dawn. His identity will not change much to her, but her help could change everything for him. Without much of a backup plan, he is honest about his identity and profession, why he’s here and about needing local knowledge to bring some locals down.

Will she help? On the other hand, will the fear of her past keep her Christmas together as pain infiltrates her heart?

After the gunshots, Claire Phillips may not be alive for the holiday!