Review of REUNITED AT CHRISTMAS by Belle Calhoune

Publisher: Love Inspired | Paperback Published: November 22, 2016 and eBook Published: December 1, 2016 | Format: Paperback (224 pages) and eBook (224 pages) | ISBN: 9780373719976 and ASIN: B01I9B93GS | Series: Alaskan Grooms | Origin: NetGalley


Cover: Courtesy of Love Inspired



In REUNITED AT CHRISTMAS by Belle Calhoune, we are breathless as Dr. Liam Prescott goes about everyday business in Love, Alaska until he meets his wife!

It was two long years ago when a dangerous mission of search and rescue took her away, and his grief is still raw. He’s raising their young son whom still talks about his mother but doesn’t understand why she is gone. At five years old, Aidan understands that she is with Jesus, but he doesn’t understand much more than this. Most often, Liam doesn’t either.

He lives with an even deeper pain which most of his friends don’t even know. His marriage ended differently than expected. However, when Liam walks into his brother’s office, his life takes an unexpected turn.

Meanwhile, as the man standing next to her explains, Ruby Prescott is learning more about herself. Her confusion is getting worse by the minute, and it nearly overwhelms her once another man enters the room. Breathing becomes hard. She wants to run, but she cannot.

This place is not familiar, these people are mere strangers, and she’s married! How do you love someone that you do not know?

However, her husband is not the only one on this new canvas inside her mind. A child is waiting for a mother, and her bloodline continues with a brother.

Ruby Prescott isn’t sure about any of this. In fact, she is positive that she does not remember this life, her husband, or her son. Was coming here the biggest mistake of her life or will she have to grow used to being the forever stranger among them all? A whisper here, a stare from over there, in addition to her husband and family seeming all too perfect so that it does not take long before Ruby starts to wonder about their secrets.

Once another relative comes to call, some lives may forever change!




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REUNITED AT CHRISTMAS by Belle Calhoune begins two years after Ruby Prescott dies, on paper.

In the most literal sense, Ruby comes back to life in Love, Alaska to find herself. Her fragmented mind leads her here, but she doesn’t understand why. It is only a faint, vague memory from the few that she can see on the protected drive of her mind.

She could be inside this sheriff’s office telling her story, but instead, Ruby’s finding out about her own tale. However, she starts to wonder if any of this is real. Amnesia took her memories, but this confusion is not clearing. Her mind is in upload mode with data that she is unable to process.

Another man walks onto the scene. As the sheriff calms him, Ruby Prescott is losing her ability to cope and breathe.

This man is her husband and looking at him provides her no clues. Married? How can she expect to be a wife when she does not know this man? He claims his child is her child. How could she have a child and not remember him? As her mind’s focus sees an infant in her arms, she is in a panic.

Could this all be mistaken identity?

Coming here was a mistake. She’s unable to care for a child. She cannot stay married to a stranger. What other secrets will her presence unearth?

As a picture is taking shape inside her thoughts, Ruby is frantic. This is not home, this is not her family, and this is not her life.