Review of THE PATTERN ARTIST by Nancy Moser

Publisher: Shiloh Run Press | Published: November 11, 2016 | Formats: eBook (322 pages) and Paperback (320 pages) | ASIN: B01HHJIK9O and ISBN: 9781634097925 | Origin: NetGalley


Cover: Courtesy of Shiloh Run Press



Throughout THE PATTERN ARTIST by Nancy Moser, we come to know New York City alongside Annie Wood. Her arrival from England, in the year 1911, provides us readers an open door into history!

For Annie, this isn’t a joyous time of exploration.

Annie Wood is an English housemaid. She travels with maidservants, but she often forgets her place in the world, as her land is where the elites rule.

Meanwhile, Annie’s parents are poor and begrudge the wealthy. She wishes for a better life and works for a family to learn and move higher. Travel starts her mind to wander about amazing opportunities until reality closes in like walls around the city. Staying in an American rich household, Annie witnesses much of the same treatment of the help that she endures in her homeland. This type of employment will not last forever. It can’t. The skills and talents that Annie possesses are what her English family enjoys.

More realism crashes upon her as she uncovers the truth. Annie Wood does not become more or even highly paid. This station in life will always be hers. Her dream of employment stalls. Annie makes a decision. She and two other servants leave the house never to return. Facing life in America is both pleasant and unpleasant, but Annie discovers this is leading to her destiny.

However, the social norms of America can be confusing, and her outspoken and sometimes-misspoken ways come with a cost here too.

Will Annie’s words be her worst expense? Alternatively, is her willingness to speak a gift? Some notice in Macy’s comes along, but the good attention lifts her into a wonderful change. She climbs upon a corporate ladder at Butterick Pattern Company with opportunities coming her way. However, Annie must still watch her place in this world as much as her words. Her desire for better may leave her out of in cold. With teetering faith, Annie Wood may tumble.

Will the man who confesses love stay around long enough? Finding a purpose quells her confusion, but changes from within Annie must take place along the way!

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Annie Wood marvels at how life is different on American soil in THE PATTERN ARTIST by Nancy Moser.

It is 1911, and an English housemaid’s employment options are few. Across the pond will never get better, as her meager class will upend everything.

Annie leaves the only work she’s ever known to find the American dream! By hard work, strength, grit, and determination along with many blessings along the way, this housemaid burns a trail from England to Macy’s leaving her mark on the heart of a salesman. Does Annie Wood belong on the creative side of fashion? This salesman believes she does, and he recommends her for a job inside the famed Butterick Pattern Company.

Annie Wood is not at all sure about this.

From one man’s love announcement to her quick mouth disrupting her own life, Annie Wood needs to make changes. If not, a new career may implode when the present and the past collide to change her future!