Review of CLASSIFIED CHRISTMAS MISSION (Wrangler’s Corner) by Lynette Eason

Publisher: Love Inspired Suspense | eBook Published: December 1, 2016 and Paperback Published: December 6, 2016 | Format: eBook (224 pages), Paperback (224 pages), and Paperback Large Print (224 pages) | ASIN: B01F1R4XKE, ISBN: 9780373447831,  and ISBN: 9780373677924  | Series: Wrangler’s Corner | Origin: NetGalley 


Cover: Courtesy of Love Inspired Suspense


CLASSIFIED CHRISTMAS MISSION (Wrangler’s Corner) by Lynette Eason brings us into the collision of life and death, as we dodge bullets before tumbling down the embankment.

Suspense lingers from page one, even as a child naps, and climbs higher within each chapter.

Amber Starke is on the run needing to get home by Christmas, but her destination is not for a holiday celebration. Her home base is even more dangerous in this CIA agent’s world. The items she needs await her, but the danger she’s about to bring upon her family means anyone in her path becomes collateral damage. Amber must get her new son to safety. Number two Mom stands in forever for Mom number one, as this autistic child’s world is changing. Her heart aches for Sam as they run from his biological father. However, Amber’s time is too limited, and she must keep moving.

Once lights appear on the dark and snow covered road, we prepare to move from running to fighting, but we do not expect the result of this battle.

There is a leak. Her cover will no longer help, and her handler may be to blame. Amber doesn’t know whom she trusts, but the last thing she and Sam need is someone approaching their vehicle.

Slumping over the steering wheel, Amber sees a shadow move closer. Awake enough for understanding to be at capacity, she has her weapon at the ready.

Meanwhile, the holiday trappings are all around, but this can be deadly to many. Between dangerous weather conditions and careless drivers, Deputy Lance Goode is trying to keep plans with the people who are like family to him. Even with chains on his tires, it is slow going for his vehicle. Two other cars are on this same road, but one moves at an excessive speed. Metal crunching metal will happen if it keeps moving like this.

Before he is able to respond, shots ring out to bring one vehicle into a life-endangering crash.

Lance knows the other driver could return. With his own weapon drawn, he throws his heart over the side of the road as he takes the flight to save a life. His heart breaks when he sees a young child in the back, but it thunders once he realizes who is behind the wheel.

Amber Starke is the black sheep travel writer from a close family, but he already knows there is more to her story. In fact, she is no longer the girl tag along she used to be. Her life is obviously different and his heart will not mend.

Nevertheless, their real story only just begins once more shots explode!



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Inside CLASSIFIED CHRISTMAS MISSION (Wrangler’s Corner) by Lynette Eason, Christmas is near, and Amber Starke is on the run from family connections. They do not know her chosen career or the danger in her being around them. As a CIA agent over the years, Amber has made dear friends within the organization and outside of it. Her last informant paid with her life, and her agency is to blame.

Her special needs charge understands that Amber is his new mom, but he doesn’t know that his father’s game of hiding and seek is deadly to all involved, especially to him. Somebody is a leak to this child’s father, and Agent Starke is almost sure it’s her handler and previous friend. However, their up-to-date information is putting her right where she does not want to be.

Amber is home for the holidays, but she is not home to meet with family or celebrate Christmas. In fact, she’s hiding until she obtains all she needs to disappear with Sam for good.

She will lose her own life trying defending her son, even if she has to do it solo.

Deputy Lance Goode is going to spend time with friends until a traffic hazard turns into shots splitting the quiet around him. He sees the result as one car topples off the road and under it. So much for making plans. However, Lance comes face to face with an old friend, a kidnapping victim, and a Federal Agent trying to evade the law.

There is much more to this story, and he would love to understand why this agent turns to crime, but dodging bullets are higher on his list right now. He can not allow this woman and child go to his department.

Now, all of them may need protection from her agency? How many others are on the outside getting her information?

Even crimes by law enforcement officials have consequences, but someone else is after this boy. This autistic child knows information that these people want. However, once they know what he does, they will have no use for him.