Review of TITUS RETURNS (A Wells Landing Romance) by Amy Lillard

Publisher: Zebra | Published: December 27, 2016 | Formats: eBook and Mass Market Paperback (352 pages) | ASIN: B01DRXCGBW and ISBN: 9781420139754 | Series: A Wells Landing Romance | Origin: NetGalley


Cover: Courtesy of Zebra



Inside TITUS RETURNS (A Wells Landing Romance) by Amy Lillard, we re-enter the Amish life inside Wells Landing, Oklahoma. This homecoming tale is raising enough doubts from all, especially from Titus Lambert!

Throughout these long five years, Titus longs to be here, and his past only intensifies this wish. His dreams of going home did not prepare him for the reality. Those pitfalls iconic dreams ignore snag at him through every place, every resident, every incident, and from the inside every stall. Temptations seem to find him while he hobbles back into faith when he is both battered and broken.

Happiness is elusive through a hardened hard and jaded view and making amends doesn’t change the past, present, or future.

Titus owes many people many things, but Abbie King and her family lost most of everything. On the King farm, he’s not welcome, but shock at what he finds there will bring his good intentions into the ashes. He will pay this debt without regard to the cost.

Meanwhile, honest work may change appearances, but it is true that love and resentment can go hand in hand.

Not everyone’s future takes to changing the past, but Titus is seeking a fresh start, a new life, and forgiveness. Inside the Amish community confusion piles on, crimes follow along, and secrets escape. Can Titus find the forgiveness of a whole community? Alternatively, will he live inside the past that will forever haunt him?

Finding love within the Amish could bring an Englischer into his destiny, but will having a future equal having happiness?

You will fall in love with Titus Lambert and a way of life in this heartwarming read where honesty is the best policy!


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TITUS RETURNS (Wells Landing Romance) by Amy Lillard introduces a different Titus Lambert. While he left as an Amish young man, he returns from Englischer prison walls now emotionally challenged but resilient and still lugging mental, faith, and emotional scars.

His former girlfriend belongs to another, one friend’s death is by his hand, and another will never be able to use his legs because of Titus Lambert’s poor choices. His family strains with him under the roof and his dream to return to a normal life in Wells Landing, Oklahoma shatters before his eyes. Looks and whispers take a toll on Titus while his jailers hold still clings. Despite shows of forgiveness, he realizes things will never be the same.

Where could he even begin?

It is time to make amends despite knowing damages will not fully heal. On the King’s farm, he is warned without regard that he is not wanted on this land. However, Titus will come back because he has to do this. Through hard work and time, he will set right the little he can because this family lost a brother, a son, and are close to losing their farm due to grief, depression, and pain.

In Wells Landing, Oklahoma inside an Amish community, second chances are a fresh start. However, roof leaks and painted walls may help, but the crushing pain of death ends hope before it ever really begins.

Titus Lambert does not get a do-over, but he does find more of himself along the way. Despite guilt, self-loathing, questionings of faith, lack of plans, and that daunting definition of happiness, a real life goes missing but returns as long as honesty remains.