Review of FINDING MARGO (Finding Home Book 1) by Jen Turano

Publisher: Gilead Publishing | Published: November 15, 2016 Formats: eBook (320 pages), Paperback (320 pages), and Hardcover Large Print (releasing March 2017) 500 pages | ASIN: B01KIRR2JG, ISBN: 9781683700050, and ISBN: 9781683242710 | Origin: NetGalley 


Cover: Courtesy NetGalley



FINDING MARGO (Finding Home Book 1) is first in a series by Jen Turano, and I’m looking forward to Book 2!

This read is a best-selling, historical author’s first published title inside the contemporary market. With a hard act to follow from her previous quirky characters, she meets that challenge and surpasses the goal all the while adding mystery to her contemporary repertoire.

Margo Hartman is an international Pop Star on the lam. She is finding her celebrity, burnout inducing lifestyle trying and exhausting, and her tyrant stage mother is excessive and burdensome. Margo needs a change to recharge, to review, and to rediscover her. Somewhere under all the glitz that is glamor, Margo hides. She is young and vibrant but not ready for another tour. She loves singing, but she does not enjoy the theatrics of the press.

Outrunning family, paid help, bodyguards, and paparazzi, she manages to get herself in a country living experiment. A city-bred well to do should not be enjoying the ride, but Margo can breathe here. Despite this enjoyment, her lack of recent driving experience catches her in some trouble. On an Amish county road, she hits a duck, makes a friend, and uncovers the dangers of being without a bodyguard!

If a camera shot appears in the tabloids or a press hound is her only problem, she would be safe, but she wouldn’t have met a Sheriff’s deputy. However, he doesn’t seem to believe a word she says.

Brock Moore is a temporary deputy pursuing a case that means too much to let go. The tricky part of this undercover, FBI assignment comes once a woman walks in wearing a laundry list of high-priced merchandise while trying to portray herself as just passing by. However, her name is something she will not reveal, but then she matches a famed cartoon character. How does she not understand this alone would make anyone suspicious?

Cute and funny only go so far when a car accident leaves a victim and a shooter targets this same person. A stalled case and a new crime meet up in a town where secrets are still hiding!


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FINDING MARGO (Finding Home Book 1) by Jen Turano reveals the price of fame, the penalty of a media spotlight, and pondering if it’s all even worth it.

When Margo Hartman takes an unscheduled vacation, she does it with her telephone off and a little planning. Her tour is over, and the handler of this International Pop Star is abusing her privilege. Unfortunately, Margo can fire talent, but she can’t terminate a mother status. Carolyn Hartman does not understand the meaning of no in money, interviews, concerts, tours, and Margo’s time. She’s relentless and will buy off anyone in her way. Since Margo is making the money, she can’t buy her, but she does pay her staff to do her “favors”. This last debacle was a road never taken before, and it won’t be taken now.

All is going along fine, until an accident, a duck, and a police deputy run into Margo. It happens when doing right can bring out something wrong and life can go crazy fast.

Brock Moore finds the newest visitor attractive, but her mode of dress and her comic strip name lends plenty of suspicions. However, it is the town stories that really seal the deal, and he begins to follow her. His being around tends to make her nervous, but once the sound of a bullet explodes, this case comes dangerously close.

From strangers to inseparable, the mystery deepens as these two get closer to the secrets hidden in this small town.