Review of BECAUSE YOU’RE MINE by Colleen Coble

Publisher: Thomas Nelson | Published: January 10, 2017 | Formats: eBook (336 pages), Paperback, Hardcover, and Audio | ASIN: B01CXE9T7U, ISBN: 9780718083809, ISBN: 9780718090418, Audio CD ISBN: 9781531833718 | Origin: NetGalley


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In BECAUSE YOU’RE MINE by Colleen Coble, we are on tour with a band from Ireland called Ceol, and in spite of the perils of fame, we visit romance at its finest until danger’s explosion changes everything!

Alanna Connolly is a young, pregnant widow lost without a connection in this world to call her own besides her band mates. With Liam gone, her grief is all encompassing, but she is carrying their baby. He is her anchor. Trying to patch together a family from Liam’s side, she tries to lighten their grief by telling them of the baby. However, this development is just what this powerful family uses to keep her latched. Her Irish past wasn’t the norm in the nation, and they plan to use it against her, but she will not let them take her baby.

Her band manager steps up and offers her a business proposal. He’ll marry her to help get her a U. S. citizenship to keep herself out of their clutches while she takes her time to grieve and begin again.

While this marriage of convenience seems to be the answer, Alanna is a vulnerable foreigner in Charleston, SC with doubts about many things, and her grief is playing havoc with her heart, mind, and sensibility. Her band mates help to keep her grounded, but with everything from gators to human screams, these pages keep turning as we wonder about those close to home!

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Colleen Coble shadows Charleston, South Carolina in danger throughout BECAUSE YOU’RE MINE.

A foreigner in the United States is grief-stricken by the loss of her husband. The light was just beginning to shine brightly on Ceol, a Celtic band, under new management. A powerful explosion makes Alanna Connolly a pregnant, widow with no family and few friends. Alanna is longing to be in Ireland to raise her child, but her husband’s family is powerful with connections. Not waiting to see her father-in-law carry out his threat, she runs.

Her band manager makes a deal that will protect her and the baby, but she has doubts before she signs. Unfortunately, she’s out of options.

This man extends a helping hand to her complete with his home and his name to get Alanna out of harm’s way from Liam’s family.

Is this all there is to the story?

Although she had met her husband through his best friend, she dislikes the man. Jesse is the only survivor of one fateful night so that he is not a friend to Alanna. A man with his reputation is still walking the earth while the good man that was her husband is gone. He is her enemy. Wanting nothing to do with Jesse Hawthorne, she keeps her distance, but he does not follow her lead.

Is guilt eating at him or is there more manipulation in Jesse than anyone really knows?

He wants to be a band member, and Alanna will not accept this. However, she does not have the sole decision, and the manager isn’t forbidding his inclusion. Why? Stuck in a horrid situation with all the pain it brings she slides backward into grief and loses some of her reality in the process. Then it all becomes clear to her.

She’s in danger, and the spotlight is shining brightly in Charleston instead of Ireland!