Review of STILL LIFE Chesapeake Valor (Book #2) by Dani Pettrey

Publisher: Bethany House Publishers | Published: January 31, 2017 | Formats: eBook (353 pages), Paperback (352 pages)and Hardcover (354 pages) | ASIN: B01M6W47W7, ISBN: 9780764212956, and Hardcover: 9780764230073 | Series: Chesapeake Valor (Book #2) | Origin: NetGalley


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STILL LIFE Chesapeake Valor Book #2 by Dani Pettrey stages photography, mystery, and suspense in such a way that keeps you guessing, all the while bringing characters closer to love!

Avery Tate knows hardship, love, photography, and crime scene investigation, but her past and future collide with heartbreaking results. Avery is out of crime scene investigation but gut-wrenching circumstances bring her back onto the scene when a friend goes missing.

Skylar Pierce is turning her life around and scoring big in the process. Sky lands a modeling gig inside the same industry that shuns Avery, but she’ll muddle through to support her friend even when Avery is facing some unsavory people. However, she is the only one at the show who cares about Sky. The photographer cares about his ego, and Avery’s background comes to haunt her in a worrisome way. The FBI and the police won’t take this case seriously. She’s the only one willing to find out more about a grisly photograph that one artist wants to be trashed while the gallery owner tries to keep his own reputation stain free among the industry elite.

There really is only one person she can call to process a scene that nobody cares about, but it comes with a cost.

Parker Mitchell knows crime scenes, and he used to have Avery Tate working by his side. However, she left. He knows it is for the best, and he knows he’s far from a person ready for something more. His heart does not believe it, and his courage to talk with her is waning until she calls him.

The pain in her eyes, the hurt on her face, and the case that no one believes in brings Parker near-at-hand and maybe even just a bit closer to understanding himself before this case takes another direction.

He could lose Avery for good!



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Inside STILL LIFE Chesapeake Valor Book #2 by Dani Pettrey, Avery Tate’s photography controversy is already behind her—in fact, she’s making another entrance into this field only to help a friend, but her friend is gone!

The grotesque exhibit is enough to steal Avery’s breath away, but she stays anyway. Problems begin once her friend who models don’t show and her photo becomes the center of attention when the artist denies this shot as his own. From stolen art to new creations and to the missing and the found this romantic suspense tale brings two people back together to solve the crime.

However, the past lay out before them putting emotions on display and time is moving fast. When someone gains a target everything changes and danger comes near!