Review of TWO SUITORS FOR ANNA (A Keepsake Pocket Quilt Novel Book 3) by Molly Jebber

Publisher: Zebra | Published: January 31, 2017 | Formats: eBook and Mass Market (288 pages) | ASIN: B01FBZXPDM and ISBN: 9781420137651 | Series: A Keepsake Pocket Quilt Novel | Origin: NetGalley


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TWO SUITORS FOR ANNA (A Keepsake Pocket Quilt Novel Book 3) by Molly Jebber brings us into an Amish community where dreams of marriage proposals and first loves come alive in 1903.

Anna Plank is living a new life inside Berlin, Ohio’s Amish community. Her first love’s relationship is years old, and things are progressing toward a lasting relationship with some hiccups along the way. She’s managing Grace’s Dry Goods Shop and works with her schweschder, Leah, while her widowed Mamm is working at the General Store. She enjoys the closeness to her family as they work and care for their home.

However, a marriage proposal hits Anna with not only surprise but much trepidation as well. She and Noah Schwartz have hit a rough patch. Now, it wasn’t the best time for their marriage to begin. In fact, his demeanor as of late is far from loving, and Anna’s irritation is growing. This was not a one-sided relationship before, but it does seem to be tilting that way.

When his proposal comes too quickly, with a stipulation that they would be moving, Anna’s need for time to think only grows. Her doubts are closing in around her, and she could think of nothing else until he demands an answer as he scheduled to leave for Lancaster with or without her.

Brokenhearted and confused, she continues on a solitary life, but the newest young man inside the community manages to put a smile on her face.

Daniel Bontrager is faithful, gracious, kind, selfless, and handsome, but now was not the time for such thoughts. It would be unseemly for Anna to seem as if she moves from one to another, and his friendship grows to include her family as well.

Does love just sneak up on the unsuspecting?

For Anna, it seems to do just that until Noah returns to declare his intentions to her.

Meanwhile, for Daniel Bontrager, Noah’s return to the community creates more problems than he could ever imagine!


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TWO SUITORS FOR ANNA (A Keepsake Pocket Quilt Novel Book 3) by Molly Jebber is a historical, Amish novel bringing life to 1903 inside Ohio’s Amish community. Anna Plank dreams of a wedding and her close-knit family being a new beginning, but she would never have even thought of it as an ending!

Unfortunately, she faces this circumstance with much indecision as her longtime love is presenting marriage with an unthinkable catch. Her community and family believe Noah and she will wed as their course charted this way for some years now. However, Noah’s personality once endearing has become demanding, and his inconsiderate proposal is breaking Anna’s heart.

Should a bride need to choose to leave her family and community to marry and live elsewhere? How could Noah Schwartz expect this when his own Mamm is a widow as is hers?

Choices for Anna are to remain the same or move on. Noah now says he is going on this trip with or without her, and he demands an answer! Can love stand still or does it need to grow?

While Daniel Bontrager’s arrival in Berlin, Ohio is a painful one, he is making the right decision. His family has dwindled through death, and his bruder’s house is now empty. Jonathan’s close community extends much welcome to Daniel, and he meets a beautiful woman. Unfortunately, she is spoken for, but he does enjoy friendship with her and her family.

Once her beau leaves, his faith is called upon to understand his feelings for her and how best to handle them.

When does a past end so that a future begins?