Review of RESCUE ME (Montana Rescue Book 2) by Susan May Warren

Publisher: Revell | Published: January 31, 2017 | Formats: eBook (337 pages), Paperback (336 pages)and Hardcover (338 pages), and Audio | ASIN: B01LZ80SI4, ISBN: 9780800727444, ISBN: 9780800728625, and Audio ASIN: B01MS7CHG7 | Series: Montana Rescue (Book #2) | Origin: NetGalley


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Inside RESCUE ME (Montana Rescue Book 2) by Susan May Warren, we are thrown into the thunderous lives of Deputy Sam Brooks—the Search and Rescue police liaison—and the PEAK Rescue team of Montana!

Deputy Sam Brooks lives with hurt and anger that strangles his heart within his family drama. His mother’s cancer struggle heaps more traumas on a life that he keeps calm on purpose. At least one of the two Brooks sons is predictable. His brother, Pete Brooks is a whole different story, and he is Sam’s forever problem. Creating an intersection between love and hate, Pete adds trouble and pain to mix with poor choices and adrenaline junkie tendencies keeping Sam somewhere between finding and fixing him.

Meanwhile, Willow Rose is a youth leader hoping to occupy the youth pastor position, but she comes with qualification problems. From education to a previous mistake that put herself and her charges in danger, a while back, she still has much to prove to take the lead. Her youth group activities are her life now, and that is the way she wants it. Willow understands these kids and is having a positive effect on them.

She has no distractions, although the man Willow loves is dating her sister, Sierra.

Her sister’s heart is on the mend from having been shredded by another, and she deserves Sam Brooks. He is better suited for her, and Willow does not have the time to waste anywhere other than her career building challenge until danger calls and Sam Brooks and Willow find themselves in an intimate moment where everything changes! Willow knows he must love her sister while Sam is positive that Sierra is the more stable and predictable sibling, right?

Sierra was not available at that moment, but happenstance put Willow there. As usual, she is wearing her heart for the world to see, and this gets worse by those few minutes in his arms. However, it only becomes more difficult once her career takes a major hit.

The new youth Pastor comes on the next youth outing while Sierra and Sam will too until Sierra pulls the unpredictable!

Once danger strikes, again, we will wonder about where everything is leading. Will everyone survive? Can Sam and Willow come to a correct and happy resolution in this unexpected family drama?



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RESCUE ME (Montana Rescue Book 2) by Susan May Warren places Deputy Sam Brooks between the Mercy Falls Sheriff’s Department and the PEAK Rescue Team as a Police Liaison.

However, drama and danger worsen as winter closes in on Montana!

Two brothers share a deadly past but are now on the same team. Forgiveness stays far behind them. Sam Brooks fights to keep life from falling apart while a perfect relationship with Sierra Rose cannot get off the ground. His brother struts in to act as if he can control the world. He can’t. Sam’s father paid the ultimate price for his dangerous ways. Now, his mother’s cancer builds in more resentment for Peter’s selfish inclinations.

Meanwhile, Willow’s upbringing provides labels of hippie, rash, and flighty, but she is a dedicated group leader wanting to be more in her church. Willow hopes to attain the position of youth Pastor. There is more to be done to prove her worthy, after a dangerous mess up. However, she is confident her relationships and bonds she maintains with these kids will win the day. She understands them and helps them reach for the stars while keeping Biblically sound.

Not wanting any disastrous relationship issues to interfere with her new career, she keeps clear of Deputy Sam Brooks.

A dangerous storm and a group outing collide. These two face danger together. They realize their opposite personalities could just become their strong suit as feelings emerge. However, they must outlive the harsh weather conditions and keep everyone else alive to make any lasting changes!