Review of SUNSET IN OLD SAVANNAH (Secrets of the South Mysteries Book 4) by Mary Ellis

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers | Published: March 27, 2017 Formats: eBook (354 pages), Paperback (352 pages), and Hardcover Large Print (released May 17, 2017) | ASIN: B01N2JWUIA, ISBN: 9780736969178, and ISBN: 9781410499813 | Series: Secrets of the South Mysteries | Origin: NetGalley 


Cover: Courtesy Harvest House Publishers



In reading SUNSET IN OLD SAVANNAH (Secrets of the South Mysteries Book 4) by Mary Ellis, I am uncovering more books to read inside this funny, mystery-laden series!

Working inside Price Investigations, we are on a case where infidelity leads to murder. As we are grasping at clues, digging up suspects, and falling in love, we’re taking chances, facing danger, and at times, coming into narrow escapes from creepy characters.

The senior investigator is Elizabeth Kirby, and she is forming a reason for this hire before meeting our client. However, once she meets Evelyn Doyle, the costly divorce case she’s envisioning hits a few bumps. Yes, this socialite believes her wealthy husband is cheating, but she is not looking to net his money. Evelyn Doyle wants to win her husband’s heart, again. As this couple is not young nor is their marriage, they are not just suffering the loss of a honeymoon mentality, but by all accounts, these folks have a time-tested relationship where mistakes can be overcome. Nevertheless, can the known meet the unknown in relationship issues and still find forgiveness?

Meanwhile, Michael Preston was once the newest member of the team, and Elizabeth Kirby, in fact, trained him. Michael is coming into his own with investigations, and his accounting skills and computer investigation techniques bring more scope into the facts. His findings will outweigh her take at times, but his feelings for her seem to grow with his admiration of her. Again, their boss determining to uncover the facts teams them up only the truth is hiding away from their home office.

Traveling together brings other problems into a case that can make or break working relationships. Add to this, the lies and secrets interjected by the death of their latest subject and the guilt piles on even as we meet the newest member of Price Investigations.

Having been introduced to this series inside book four, SUNSET IN OLD SAVANNAH (Secrets of the South Mysteries Book 4), I fell in love with two characters falling love. I am looking forward to meeting the rest of the Price Investigations team and to learning their stories!


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SUNSET IN OLD SAVANNAH (Secrets of the South Mysteries Book 4) by Mary Ellis turns a broken vow into a twister and the price of a misstep can be murder!

Evelyn Doyle is an upper crusted member of the elite living on Tybee Island. As her husband has been stepping out on her, she decides to hire an outside investigator to find out the facts. Her years of this marriage tell her this misstep can be a midlife crisis. He is not a womanizer by nature, and she is willing to forgive once everything is on the table.

Price Investigations is now on a potential divorce case, but it is not the standard fare as they usually trend.

The two investigators assigned are Elizabeth Kirby and Michael Preston. These two make great friends and a great team, but things can get rocky inside a case where death comes into the mix. Their case moves swiftly from a routine investigation to them searching for a killer while keeping an open mind about the innocence of their client becomes impossible.

A husband dies from unnatural causes, and the prime suspect isn’t far from home. Evelyn’s knowledge of his affair plus her hiring of private investigators makes her the police chief’s target.

Price Investigation’s roster of suspects is growing rapidly while the police chief’s focus does not seem to budge.

From sleazy business arrangements and their cohorts to a black sheep brother, the murderous pool increases even beyond the kept woman and her friends.

The firm’s reputation is getting more cases than it can handle, and the boss puts out a call for them to make another investigative hire. In walks, Kaitlyn Webb whose past comes to meet present and danger hovers all around!

Will everyone survive to bring the guilty party to justice?