Review of BEYOND JUSTICE by Cara C. Putman

Publisher: Thomas Nelson | Published: April 4, 2017 | Format: eBook (384 pages) and Paperback (352 pages), and Audio | ASIN: B01HAK33CY, ISBN: 9780718083472, and Audio ISBN: 9781536615616 | Origin: NetGalley 


Cover: Courtesy NetGalley


In BEYOND JUSTICE by Cara C. Putman, we are into legal suspense with a ferocious kick where time is of the essence!

Legal cases could be a matter of life and death, and when a win means justice, it belongs to Hayden McCarthy.

We are tackling a wrongful death case with a DC up-and-coming attorney whose reputation is both revered and misunderstood. Hayden is coming in with a celebration glow from her win of the not winnable case, and the law partners have their eye on her.

It could be because she is on the road to becoming the youngest partner at this high-powered law firm or it could something far worse.

When Hayden McCarthy, Esquire is handed another case with an impatient air, a thin guise, and an even skinnier file, she’s not sure where she stands as her boss and mentor’s hard-driving attitude seems much different than usual. He’s taking a chance on her to get this case moving, and he lets her know her future could be in jeopardy with a loss.

High pressure is something Hayden is sure able to handle, but this file causes her to question what she has gotten into, as things just do not add up.

A client doesn’t return calls, paper or digitized copies become sparse, and meetings become one-sided conversations, but a picture develops to have Hayden wanting justice.

However, it may be her own firm that wants this case to die.

The questions are only deepening as the stress is getting unbearable, and the Federal Government has their own way to get out of facing justice.

Romance is the last thing Hayden has on her mind, but her friend will see her situation much differently. Her roommate’s cousin and a Congressman’s son should not be seen anywhere near Hayden. Andrew’s face is plastered all over as the DC most eligible bachelor, but her face could get a feature on the DC list of most wanted. Should this case against the government come to only half of what she believes it warrants, she may face their justice for exposing it all.

However, Andrew may be in the same danger that she is facing, and a child is sitting in the middle of all of this mess.

Will Andrew cut his ties and be like the Washington élite, or will he have the heart she believes that he does? In the meantime, can they stay safe long enough for her to figure how deep a murderous cover-up will go?

A story that could be out in today’s headlines becomes suspense-fueled once immigration meets our borders in a different tale than most could ever predict!


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BEYOND JUSTICE by Cara C. Putman places Hayden McCarthy, Esquire in sight as the youngest possible partner in a storied D.C. powerful law firm.

Hayden’s background gives a need for justice, and she takes it on every case. After winning another, she is back to reality as soon as she’s assigned a wrongful death case.

However, this case is coming from a different angle and from a different position as that of those she worked already.

One partner believes in her, but his demeanor seems to say otherwise.

This partner is saying one thing and doing another as Hayden is feeling a pull into the wrong end of this fight. She comes closer to the door of the law firm than to a partnership position when her personal life seems to connect to a file in her hand.

Romance is not in her future, but this relationship is tangible enough to come into an intersection of law and justice and Washington politics. What do one kid, one Congressman, and one friend’s relation have in common? The Federal Government, Washington influences, and one family connects in the scariest of ways.

Problems become greater while Hayden’s fear increases and affiliations become even more dangerous!

Is justice beyond reach or could justice mean she’s going down just to keep politics in the clear? Will anyone help keep her out of the deep-rooted crosshairs?

If she closes this case or suddenly disappears, who will protect the next victim?