Review of THE BACHELOR’S TWINS by Kathryn Springer

Publisher: Love Inspired | eBook Published: May 1, 2017 and Paperback Published: April 18, 2017 | Format: eBook (224 pages) and Paperback (224 pages) | ASIN: B01MXBPDL4 and ISBN: 9780373622740 Series: Castle Falls Origin: NetGalley 


Cover: Courtesy of NetGalley


THE BACHELOR’S TWINS by Kathryn Springer begins with a past one cannot escape, but while someone may bury it, another will keep it as if it will be a forever affliction!

However, with two young siblings, the past has no part in their present.

For their mom’s birthday, the Leighton twins book a dream day off, but for Anna Leighton, this is a nightmare coming to life. She harbors a secret to keep away from a man who has drawn her twins to him, but Anna would rather they liked another. No, it isn’t because she fears him.

She fears he knows about the things she’s been hiding.

The persistence of two little girls despite their family ties is charming Liam Kane as we fall in love with him. They are determined to make him feel as if he is part of their family, but would they feel that way if they knew of his thoughts of their father? He still lives the guilt of almost destroying a relationship by his own lot in life. His own mind and his own experience only manufactured what he thought he saw and dutifully challenged.

His reality was the warning he needed to remain single. On the other hand, maybe he just refused to be like the man that had been in his family.

In Castle Falls, can we ever begin again or will the past cave in upon us?

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Inside THE BACHELOR’S TWINS by Kathryn Springer, high school seems like just yesterday where secrets are concerned.

Anna Leighton has eight-year-old twins, owns two businesses, and will never seek out help. Her sleepless nights are not from motherhood, but from working too hard as a single mom. Her daughters come up with the best gift, and it’s free too!

The only person leading this tour is the one man Anna has been running from for ten long years.

Liam Kane is an outdoorsman with a history he will not forget, and his number comes up to lead the trip that puts his high school crush in the center of his path. However, he will never feel comfortable around her since what had happened many years ago.

She loved another, and he misread the other boy’s intention and had the gall to tell her about it. Later, it was the death of her husband loading him with even more guilt, and he is sure it only fortifies the barrier separating them. In the meantime, her twins seem content not only to seek him out but also to put him next to their mother at every opportunity.

Liam begins to wonder about his own life trajectory.