Publisher: Harvest House Publishers | eBook Published: April 11, 2017 and Paperback Published: May 1, 2017 | Format: eBook (354 pages) and Paperback (352 pages) | ASIN: B01N5Y68DA and ISBN: 9780736966474 | Series: The Amish Bishop Mysteries | Origin: NetGalley 


Cover: Courtesy Harvest House Publishers


WHAT THE BISHOP SAW by VANNETTA CHAPMAN leads us into an Amish mystery where all eyes are on the Bishop and the past he blatantly ignores.

In Colorado’s San Luis Valley, the growing season dawns, but the dry season is dangerous. Once a fire sparks things can move quickly, but something is amiss when fingers point in different directions. However, Bishop Henry Lapp moves us into action to bring about something he keeps hidden!

Only a few will talk about it, but he is the only one living with it.

The congregation has been through much in a short time, from the expectations that did not materialize to the loss of others that they love, but they hold on to Gotte and to each other. Sometimes, happenings will steer them onto a new path. It may be that sometimes a Bishop needs to let go, but his heart may forever change in the middle of it all.

Flames bring the fire department, the neighbors, and the police onto the scene, but a death lures an Arson Investigator to their community. While the Amish people want to handle disturbances without law enforcement, this cannot happen inside a murder investigation.

One can see but not give an accurate depiction that anyone could believe. While during other times, what one knows is more than anyone would ever see.

When does a gift become a burden and when does anger turn into murder?

These answers take shape inside an excellent beginning to a new series that will keep you reading!


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In WHAT THE BISHOP SAW by VANNETTA CHAPMAN a fire takes a Colorado Amish community into a storm leaving death, damage, and destruction in its wake.

The dry season of San Luis Valley always becomes a danger, but when a fire is set to hide a body, everything inside this Plain community is about to go under an Arson Investigator’s purview. Outsiders are not welcome here, and the people seem to take prodding more personally to land them at the top of a suspect list for murder!

Vernon Frey’s list of possible enemies engulfs two worlds, and those in the congregation are not immune to the problems seen among the Englisch. In fact, some money issues and family problems still plague this community, but could someone they know have killed Vernon?

It has come time for Bishop Henry Lapp to unearth the truth in the only way he knows how.

While his position may be a gift, it is a tremendous responsibility to weigh heavily on a man, and to run away can seem the better answer. Faith gets him through with courage, and Henry does have friends to help him in this task. Emma Fisher helps the way she always does, but his heart teeters inside a new territory.

Could beauty come from the ashes and would Grace heal the broken hearts?