Review of FATAL MISTAKE: A Novel by Susan Sleeman

Publisher: FaithWords | Published: May 9, 2017 | Formats: eBook (500 pages), Paperback (400 pages)and Hardcover (500 pages) | ASIN: B01LL8BVLG, ISBN: 9781455596461, and Hardcover: 9781683244424 | Series: White Knights | Origin: NetGalley


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FATAL MISTAKE: A Novel by Susan Sleeman pushes the button for suspense from the beginning hurling us into a headline thriller where romance erupts from inside the ashes!

Tara Parrish knows a criminal up close and personal, but she doesn’t know this man is the Lone Wolf until she discovers his hideout that is in plain sight. Frightened, she makes to dial the FBI hotline that’s been all over the news, but when the suspect enters the scene, Tara doubts she’ll still be alive once help shows up.

While the FBI needs a break, in this case, the hotline hasn’t turned a solid lead until a frightened Tara Parrish reaches out, and from what she describes, Cal is sure she has found him. The terror in her voice increases as the suspect returns. The six-month search is now depending on keeping this woman alive. His skills did not prepare him for what he is about to face!

Is it possible to save her life from miles away? Will the next explosion silence the future or will this case implode from fear alone?


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In FATAL MISTAKE: A Novel by Susan Sleeman, FBI Agent Cal Riggins puts his life on the line to save others, but he picks up a call that changes this deadly investigation and brings him closer to the end.

An innocent stumbled upon a horrid scene, but Tara Parrish knows more than anyone else does about this man. As the clock ticks, Cal could hear the caller’s last breath. Even if he could get there, it may still end this same way. Only minutes away, he hears Tara’s labored footfalls, and he is thankful for that.

Once at the scene, he gets an earful of her sprint through the foliage as shots ring out!

Meanwhile, Tara Parrish scampers inside the tree line darting from anything that moves, but she is sure that she’ll never live to see the dawn of another day.

The FBI agent on the phone helped her to get free from a building, but he’s not here to prevent the next bullet from ripping through her.

Can anyone keep her safe?