Review of WHAT HOPE REMEMBERS (Misty Willow Book 3) by Johnnie Alexander

Publisher: Revell | Published: May 2, 2017 | Format: eBook (353 pages), Paperback (352 pages), and Hardcover (354 pages) | ASIN: B01MUANO2S, ISBN: 9780800726423, and, ISBN: 9780800728939 Series: Misty Willow Series Origin: NetGalley 


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WHAT HOPE REMEMBERS (Misty Willow Book 3) by Johnnie Alexander begins with two people escaping their past by coming home to better memories, but their problems are easy to find as we fall into their stories while they run from the pain!

Gabe Kendall’s life in the Marine Corps didn’t end well. In fact, it ends with a prison term. While he is most comfortable keeping that time in life a mystery to others, it wouldn’t take long for facts to come out, and he is the one to do it. Burying his record is not possible, and to begin again, he must be up-front.

However, his return greets him with good and bad that comes with Misty Willow.

The ranch is in sad shape, and his good memories are being distorted by a special but forgotten time in life, as Gabe stands at the spot where it happened long ago….

Does he want something that can never begin again?

Meanwhile, Amy Somers is in Misty Willow after her time of power went wrong inside the political hub. In a world where power gives, even more, power, Amy lost herself while picking up issues along the way. From lies to cheats and thievery, the eye of a camera will see every flaw while Amy’s body pays a price far greater than it all. In almost gaining something important, she nearly lost her heart. There is still one person with whom her memories evoke emotions strong enough to topple her, but he no longer lives here.

We’ll feel the pain and enter the problems as they come to the surface, but those years old mistakes may still keep us wondering. Can two people renew themselves and pick up a healthy relationship at the same time? Alternatively, does their past keep them from pain by pulling them far away from love?

Is a haunting past ever truly buried?

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In WHAT HOPE REMEMBERS Misty Willow Book 3 by Johnnie Alexander, Amy Somers loses her lobbyist position, the power it came with, and the heart of stone she gained as she moves to Misty Willow. A brother’s love and her almost withering away will bring a transformed character to a place where she tried to use destruction to suit her.

Amy is attempting to heal the situations and her body. However, is she ever far from the pain that she wears and the problems that she left behind?

Gabe Kendall is an ex-Marine who did not commit a crime, but he did a prison sentence that he did not deserve. With a family divided, he goes back to Misty Willow to heal and gain a life. Prison is still in his personality sans the locked doors, and he needs to find a purpose despite his shame. However, he looks around the ranch, and he sees all that is wrong since he’s been gone.

It’s a vibrant place now scarred with decay from his neglect. Once he sees Amy, his situation goes from hope to heartache in a matter of minutes!