Review of LOVE STORY: A Novel (The Baxter Family Book 1) by Karen Kingsbury

Publisher: Howard Books | Published: June 6, 2017 | Format: eBook (368 pages), Hardcover (368 pages), and Audio | ASIN: B01KG5GQVU, ISBN: 9781451687590, and, Audio ASIN: B06XT77C2X | Series: The Baxter Family | Origin: NetGalley 


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LOVE STORY: A Novel (The Baxter Family Book 1) by Karen Kingsbury introduces us to John Baxter and his current wife Elaine, but we fall with them into the beginning of another love story, at a different time, and in a place where the definition of family changes forever!

The passing down of family history, backgrounds, and traditions can be a wonderful bonding opportunity, but sometimes, revisiting the past will put love, secrets, and pain on display. Could a grandchild’s school project be the burden that brings needless pain into a widower’s second marriage?

Meanwhile, new relationships come with issues as two become one in marriage, but closeness may crash and burn before the wedding. Could a couple with a thorny past begin anew? Cody Coleman and Andi Ellison endure a broken engagement, insecurities of a past love, and a hard case of PTSD, but while pride can sabotage a relationship, Cody still has hope. Then, one day, Andi breaks his heart. Is it finally his time to let her go?

Does protecting someone put him or her at risk through unintended consequences? Ashley and Landon cope with married life well, but her father’s story, her past, and her son’s heritage brings tender emotions to the surface. Ashley realizes the present will become daunting inside her blended family.

As we visit with the Baxters, we’ll marvel at just how real they are and how true to life their difficulties can be, but you will feel the deepness of their authentic faith through both painful and happy situations.

You can visit and connect with this enchanting family, their neighbors, and their friends through books, and they will be coming to the television near you. Take a seat, have coffee or tea, place tissues nearby, and you will uncover true joy inside the Baxter family.

Karen Kingsbury is one of my favorite authors, and LOVE STORY is just one of her stories that I highly recommend!


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Karen Kingsbury is a #1 New York Times best-selling author showing the newest story of the Baxter family, and she is going back to where it all begins….

In LOVE STORY: A Novel (The Baxter Family Book 1), the interview is about how John and Elizabeth Baxter first fell in love, but this leads to current times in the life of the Baxter family and how those moments in history still infiltrate family life. John and his bride lived out their marriage for thirty years until her death, but John is enjoying retirement with his second wife, Elaine.

However, to relive his past brings his heart back to another. Is this fair to his wife? Will his past cause her distress? Would the pain of Elizabeth’s death from cancer bring the storied doctor to his knees, again?

A grandson’s heritage project has the power to create an impact. His grandmother loved him, and he knew Elizabeth before she died. Would John be able to live with Cole learning all about their story? From his love of their grandson, he agrees, but he knows the pain that he may cause them all. In this tale, his adult children do not yet know all of the details.

Now, John can see it is best to tell all.

Current times do not stand still for anyone as the story unfolds. Cole wants to know more about his life from his mother as his grandfather causes, even more, questions to come to mind, and Andi Ellison and Cody Coleman’s relationship wasn’t ever on the solid ground. As Cody gets a wake-up call on live television, he is either going to revive it or finally let it die.

If you have yet to meet the Baxters or if you have visited with them before, come visit them, now. Inside LOVE STORY, you will discover where it all begins and where your heart will meld with them.