Review of SWEETBRIAR COTTAGE by Denise Hunter

Publisher: Thomas Nelson | Published: June 13, 2017 | Format: eBook (320 pages), Paperback (320 pages), Large Print (500 pages) and Audio CD  | ASIN: B06X6DFPLK, ISBN: 9780718090487, ISBN: 9781683244769, and Audio CD ISBN: 9781536693775 Origin: NetGalley 


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Inside SWEETBRIAR COTTAGE by Denise Hunter, we belly flop into the aftermath of love gone wrong, as a divorce is already over. Or is it?

Noah Mitchell stops to get his mail, and his day goes downhill from there. After all, a letter from the IRS is always lump in your throat inducing, and it usually describes money owed rather than money coming to you. True to form, this letter is addressing his recent tax filing, but the problem is that they are wrong. He’s a divorced man filing as such. How could they make this into something?

It doesn’t take long for Noah to understand that he is wrong, and the anger over his ex-wife’s mistakes flare all over again.

Josephine Dupree Mitchell is busy running her barbershop but has not exactly moved on in life. She is in counseling for both faith and mind. For her situation, this is the best she can do. Maybe she’s not over Noah Mitchell, but she is trying to understand herself and her faults. Is she the only one in this failed relationship trying to get a handle on everything?

On a rush of cold air, the man she always thinks about walks in demanding to see her copy of the divorce papers. His eyes are flashing red, and she does not understand his problem, well, until she does.

Now two people who thought that they were officially divorced come to an understanding. They are still married. This is not a good thing. He never cared to understand the problems, and she walks a narrow path trying to find her way out of issues which stem from horrific abuse that came to be long before the wedding day.

The edgy vibe of their emotional storm is intense, but the weather may add another twist to their intact nuptials!

Will either survive to see the end?



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SWEETBRIAR COTTAGE by Denise Hunter introduces Noah Mitchell and Josephine Dupree Mitchell.

Noah settles on a mountain ranch away from his ex-wife, his former home, and many townspeople who seem to know everything. The peace of the Blue Ridge Mountains gives solace and a place to hide. He goes to town infrequently and makes the most of his time by doing errands and keeping busy. The post office is just one of those items on his list until it becomes a problem.

Part of his past and present creeps up to front and center by way of a government agency. Now his anger is set to boil, and he goes to the woman who causes all the trouble.

Yes, Josephine Dupree Mitchell causes the end of her marriage, and she is still living with the guilt. Emotionally damaged, she not over the loss of the man who walks through the door to blame her for the IRS!

Once she finally understands what she did wrong, this time, Josephine will make it up to Noah.

She vows to expedite the end regardless of the pain she is bringing upon herself. She drives to the ranch to bring Noah signed legal papers. However, the weather is not cooperating with her, and instead of doing him a favor of expediting, she becomes stranded with him in the storm.

These two have heaps of yet unidentified issues within the marriage, and each had their own baggage they brought to the end as well. Meanwhile, the snowstorm hitting outside only intensifies the fury on the inside along with the good and bad memories.

While God loves us unconditionally, does everyone love each other in that fashion or is there always a condition?