Review of MY UNEXPECTED HOPE by Tammy L. Gray

Publisher: Waterfall Press | Published: June 27, 2017 | Format: eBook (332 pages), Paperback (332 pages), and Audio | ASIN: B01NBY47HB, ISBN: 9781542045797, and Audio CD ISBN: 9781536690965 Origin: NetGalley 


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In MY UNEXPECTED HOPE by Tammy L. Gray, we trip over brokenness, addiction, codependency, and love to drop feet first into the aftermath of broken families, drugs, alcohol, and heartbreak while praying for redemption, transformation, and healing!

Laila Richards practiced hard love until it hurt more than she could bear, and then she made the choice to greet the end and move on. The problem is that Laila still resides in the same place and talks about the same issues. Hoping for change, she takes the leap and makes a deposit on a cottage in another town to break the last of the connection to heartache.

Is it possible to leave her whole life behind her?

Meanwhile, Chad Richardson left Fairfield, Georgia after a drug bust with alcohol flowing in his veins needing to keep clear of the danger that hunts him.

His sobriety is just a few months under a year old when time seems to stop.

Chad did not want to return home until he is a year sober, but his ex-wife is moving on with another and time is of the essence. He hurt her badly and virtually abandoned her and his old life. Not only does he need to make amends; he must prove himself. Is it even possible? Will he fall back into the old habits through his former life? Can he escape the danger that waits for his return?

We run back into troubled relationships, anger, fear, and pain all the while we are learning and understanding how difficult coming back really can become. As we pass the triggers and the problems, we’ll dare to hope for redemption, forgiveness, and new beginnings.

Will all of the progress end or can beauty come from these ashes?


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MY UNEXPECTED HOPE by Tammy L. Gray raises the stakes for Laila Richardson in her attempts to move on.

Laila resides in a small town. It’s where everyone not only knows everyone; they hold a person in place. She let Fairfield, Georgia do this to her, along with her own dream which did not come to fruition. However, she begins to realize that some people know more than she does about the past, and she keeps her impending move a secret until Ben shows up at her job. To explain a boyfriend to people believing she pines for her ex is not easy, but she did it. This visit actually frees her, but the past is about to come home again to engage a host of issues inside her present!

Chad Richardson is nine months sober when a phone call shakes him. He is not ready to face his past, but his future depends on it. Mistakes brought him to this point, and he needs to set things right or lose all he fights for. The woman he hurt is the only face he sees through this sobriety journey, but the danger that lurks in her town can bring him down.

Can addiction lead to transformation? Will the past lead to their future?