Publisher: Harvest House Publishers | Format: eBook Published: June 20, 2017  (338 pages) and Paperback Published: July 1, 2017 (336 pages) | ASIN: B071KX1P1P and ISBN: 9780736970211 | Series: Lancaster Discoveries  | Origin: NetGalley 


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A LETTER FROM LANCASTER COUNTY by Kate Lloyd is an American tale where contemporary and Amish past and present will collide to leave a family questioning everything they believe!

Family dysfunction, sibling rivalry, mystery, and deceit come together inside a family reunion.

Will fragile bonds strengthen or fray even more?

Aunt Silvia wasn’t truthful with Angela and Rose, but she is trying to bring the family together just once before the next season of her life is on her doorstep. Silvia was not close with their mother and her sister, but she wishes to make a positive change with her nieces.

Meanwhile, Angela and Rose didn’t grow up to be close sisters although they lived inside the same home. Teenage strife brought only more separation as they grew into young adulthood. Now, well into maturity, one is married with children, and one is a successful business owner, but they both still only tolerate each other as even their mother’s funeral couldn’t shorten the distance between them.

These siblings set out to greet the past and maybe forge a future with an aunt they knew from years ago. However, their sniping and bitterness only grow as each begins to wonder if their life could have been different.

While still inside old family lies, they find out the truth, and they resent their mother and the choices she made.

Do they yet realize that some of their choices were mistakes? Can they grow to love the aunt who meant well but could have been doing it all wrong?



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Inside A LETTER FROM LANCASTER COUNTY by Kate Lloyd, two sisters venture to uncover a better relationship after their mother’s death, but they could land more than second chances.

Angela and Rose live with regrets, pains, missed opportunities, and lies!

Both disapprove of some things in their own life. However, is it all bad? Each has issues with the other’s life, and both, at times, walk on a border of saying too much or not enough. When a letter from Lancaster County offers them the opportunity to reconnect with an old family tie, they may take it as a time to come to a better understanding of each other or not.

Is the past better left buried?

The visit with Aunt Silvia goes nicely until deception grows into doubt. Their Mennonite Aunt has her own issues, but nobody is ready for the secrets they find in the storage area.

While resentments are like weeds in a vegetable garden, they can lay the seeds of many undesirable emotions as family secrets unfold!