Review of A NAME UNKNOWN (Shadows Over England Series) by Roseanna M. White


Publisher: Bethany House Publishers | Published: July 4, 2017 | Format: eBook, Paperback, Hardcover, Audio | ASIN: B01MTFX5AL, ISBN: 9780764219269, ISBN: 9780764230417, and Audio ASIN: B073JRPWQD | Series: Shadows Over England Series | Origin: NetGalley 


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Rumors? Deception? History? War? Danger? Family ties? Suspense? Romance? Oh, yes! A NAME UNKNOWN (Shadows Over England Series) by Roseanna M. White halts us with lies formed in the dark of night to unmask a German in England.

The secret societies hire the best and the one needing the money most, but the ever-present danger pulls us in deep with the turn of each page.

Rosemary Gresham knows the pitfalls of the London streets all too well, but Mr. V is a loyal customer who pays very well. More important, she has a family to feed. In the nighttime shadows, plans are in motion and documents arrive, but the job will not be too hard. In fact, for a short time, she’ll live a lifestyle that she will never own. To be surrounded by wealth and easy pickings for once the job is done. What could go wrong?

Rosemary makes the mistake of being seen talking positively about Peter. Will this compromise her assignment?

Britain borders on a war with Germany, and Peter Holstein must prove he is loyal to the Crown. His friend, the King, confirms this, but he has a problem. Family history is buried under mountains of books and assumptions. He knows his parents purchased their land and could not have if his parents were not English subjects. However, he can not find the documentation.

Meanwhile, the answer to his problems just shows up unannounced. She’s a librarian, historian referred to his direction by a member of esteemed acquaintance, and her references are in order, at first glance, according to his best friend, a Solicitor. He will continue to check her background.

In this Edwardian, word of mouth can be as lethal as the pen when gossip becomes another’s reality.

Peter has a deadline to meet, and his circles of people dwindle by the day. What if he loses his home for lack of British evidence? Could he be put on an expulsion and be forced to live elsewhere? Will he have to give up his livelihood?

Once Rosemary Gresham’s sister is devastatingly injured, Peter is determined to pay the medical bills, anonymously, but this attempt isn’t easy, as the detectives are now unable to find her family!

Can anything else go so very wrong?

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Inside A NAME UNKNOWN (Shadows Over England Series) by Roseanna M. White, Rosemary Gresham is used to lifting objects and things. In her line of work, it is expected. However, this well-paying customer wants her to steal someone’s name and heritage.

Mr. V needs to find out if this target is an enemy as he is of German descent, and Britain is nearer to war. While Rosemary has dressed the part of the upper class to lift, this would be different. To snoop through one’s private papers, documents, and pictures, closeness would need to be in place on the mark. Not an easy job, but this will pay more than ever before once the job is completed.

In the meanwhile, for Peter Holstein, to change his family name from German to English will hurt. It will not be due to allegiance, as he is British, but the pain will be in losing his name, as he would be cutting the only binding between him and his loving, deceased parents. However, he may have to do just that as his livelihood will be put in jeopardy.

What will become of his writing career? Will he need to give up the only home he has ever known?

As Peter and Rosemary come to work in close quarters, they begin to get to know each other, and the unthinkable happens. These two begin not only to acquire a connection, but they begin to develop sparks of romance. What else can go wrong?

Working together but moving in different directions, each has a different goal, are they able to stay their course or will they join forces and move in tandem with love?