Review of ON LOVE’S GENTLE SHORE: A Novel by Liz Johnson

Publisher: Revell | Published: July 4, 2017 | Format: eBook (338 pages), Paperback (336 pages), Hardcover (338 pages), and Audio CD | ASIN: B01MUANH2V, ISBN: 9780800724511, ISBN: 9780800728885, and AUDIO ISBN: 9781515968320 | Series: Prince Edward Island Dreams | Origin: NetGalley


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ON LOVE’S GENTLE SHORE: A Novel by Liz Johnson, we uncover the inherent problems in returning to the place you left behind only to face all of those who remember everything about you!

Natalie O’Ryan’s plan is to stay in Nashville, but her fiancé’s brother is a new resident of the island where dreams never come true, and the red rock can hold you down. We feel the pain, worry, and ache of trying not to be who you are while whom you used to be remaining an insistent bombardment to us. Prince Edward Island does not hold fond memories for Natalie.

Her younger life provided plenty of abuse, family dysfunction, and alcoholic tendencies mixed with many other family issues never sorted through. Unfortunately, she still wears the stains of her family ways and their toxic lives.

The life she creates is Nashville involves a future marriage, a music label, and a clean slate cloaked in anonymity. However, attempting to be the person you are not will lead to someone else taking the lead and putting you right where you belong whether you wanted to go there or not.

Meanwhile, Justin Kane runs the family farm but still makes time for his music.

No, it was not supposed to be this way. His music was to take him away in life, but that dream died along with his dad years ago. His rebellious youth is long gone, and he is a responsible man. Falling in love with Justin’s caring ways, you may want to join him on the island. It’s his home from birth, and although farming isn’t his life’s dream, he’s made his father’s legacy a success.

Justin believes he has moved on in life, adjusting to the changed normal until the day that he realizes he hasn’t.

It may be that he does not want to either. He has been striving not thriving and managing everyday life without thoughts of his future. He is present in the blandness of every day, but he has given up on the forever-elusive state of happiness. However, he doesn’t know any of this until the friend who took his heart away the day she left returns, and his past comes back to him with unrelenting force. Memories and pain flood him like the tide!

Did his music dream truly die? Could a childhood friendship have been so much more than this?







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Inside ON LOVE’S GENTLE SHORE: A Novel by Liz Johnson, Natalie O’Ryan’s fiancé makes their wedding plans without her input. While she understands that his new relationship with his brother is the reason, he has put her in the most difficult of situations.

She must face the past that even he does not know about, and she must face her facade crumbling in a life not lived.

With a plastic smile and the power of determination, Natalie will overcome this horrid destination and painful memories to plan a wedding and make a graceful exit from that old life. Her conjured up, get it done persona takes a major hit, once her music producer, soon to be husband, Russell Jacobs needs to return to Nashville. Music is his life. Sometimes, it can make her play second fiddle, but she has not been honest enough for him to know this about her and why.

Justin Kane lives on Prince Edward Island, manages his deceased father’s farm, and discovers successes where he can find them, and he plays his music for fun. His life is fairly settled, and he no longer dreams of leaving island life behind until Natalie comes back.

Now, Justin faces his past, present, and future with a ton of questions, many emotions, and hefty decisions weighing him down.

Life is alive with second chances providing you can let go of everything you thought you had. Starting over is never easy, but is it even doable?

What happens to friendships, broken dreams, and happiness?