Review of A DANGEROUS ENGAGEMENT (The Regency Spies of London Book 3) by Melanie Dickerson

Publisher: Waterfall Press | Published: September 12, 2017 Formats: eBook (306 pages), Paperback (304 pages), and Audio | ASIN: B06Y59J2SZ, ISBN: 9781503938656, and Audio ISBN: 9781543618204 | Series: The Regency Spies of London | Origin: NetGalley 


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In A DANGEROUS ENGAGEMENT (The Regency Spies of London Book 3), Melanie Dickerson transports her readers back to the Regency Era in London and douses us with mystery, intrigue, and suspense!

This time in history encompasses war and tumult, from the Civil War in America to the French Revolution, but England is just beginning to face its own dangerous unrest!

The calls sound for revolution from many sites near and far and the streets of London show poverty surrounding wealth as the Season begins. Felicity Mayson is used to being overlooked for both dances and marriage. She’s from a family with thirteen children and would have a little dowry. The young men during this time want a marriage of money, leaving her and others nearly excluded from the competition. Felicity studies another language to become a Missionary, but an invitation arrives requesting her presence at a distant relative’s estate. Apparently, she thinks, they do not have enough women to turn down. However, this is far from the case upon her arrival as the meetings with those of means are far from difficult.

In fact, one already is showing interest despite her dismal financing. Being viewed as other than flawed is a heady experience, and Felicity soon swoons from romance while a new arrival is bringing back memories of her home in London.

Philip McDowell implants himself into a group of well-financed and well-stocked revolutionaries. Although he is an undercover government agent, he arrives with a problem. One beautiful woman who is here is someone he has seen in London. In fact, she is a friend to people higher up in both military and Parliament. With fighters planning to take control of the monarchy, he needs to know if she is friend or foe to the Crown. Between his portraying to be one of the henchmen and learning all he can about the others, he may have to find a way to alert the Home Office about Miss Mayson.

Her access to these friends puts them in jeopardy, but it doesn’t take him long to understand that Felicity Mayson is the one in danger. It is easy to understand she knew nothing about these things before coming here, and she is now considered a problem if she does not go along with their marriage plans.

How can he follow leads, keep her safe, and contact Home Office when more are due to arrive? Philip’s only choice is to come clean about his identity, and this will triple her chances for being caught.

Behind these scenes, we readers are falling for Philip McDowell, but we are wondering about how these two can survive.

More than one person may nurse a broken heart.



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A DANGEROUS ENGAGEMENT (The Regency Spies of London Book 3) by Melanie Dickerson brings Felicity Mayson an invitation to Doverton Hall. As it is often in the Season, Felicity receives dismissal at such events due to her family situation and little dowry. Though she is dubious of the invite, she accepts it as it comes from distant family.

After meeting wealthy gentlemen not objecting about her, she is being seen by Mr. Oliver Ratley.

His over-the-top pursuit brings her flattery that none other has before, and she is enjoying herself. His quick marriage proposal delights her until she sees someone from London. Will everyone know more about her depressing money situation? Are these men actually this wealthy?

Meanwhile, Philip McDowell arrives later than most in part due to happenstance and partly not. Philip knows these faces and these traitorous hearts as those out to overthrow the government. His career as a government agent takes him into situations, but this is dangerous indeed. He intends to take down this band of revolutionaries, but he runs into an unexpected reunion of sorts supplying even more problems.

Their soft touch has high-reaching friends, and while he has been around Felicity Mayson, he does not know her well. The implications of her presence here are magnifying all factors of which she is a danger to, to whom poses a threat to her, and for that matter to him.

The likelihood that she knows more about him than most of these people do is great, as he is undercover on this assignment. Out of options and with more to lose, he must reach out to Felicity, as it seems clear that she is in more danger than he is!

However, he will put her in an even more dire position because he is duty bound to his assignment despite needing her trust.

What is he to do?