Review of DEADLY PROOF by Rachel Dylan

 Publisher: Bethany House Publishers | Published: September 5, 2017 | Formats: eBook (322 pages), Paperback (320 pages), Hardcover (322 pages), and Audio | ASIN: B0713TL43H, ISBN: 978-0764219801, ISBN: 978-0764231100, and Audio ASIN: B075DHKVFX | Series: Atlanta Justice | Origin: NetGalley  


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Inside DEADLY PROOF by Rachel Dylan, we step onto a tightrope between suspense and mystery!

Danger skulks in a case that is as big as any headliner today. Big Pharma and Big Law plan to take down a multidistrict litigation where the cost is plentiful, the clock ticks, the facts are the problem, and the peril of failure thrives within a landmark case.

Meanwhile, Kate Sullivan’s days get longer while her career is reaching new heights as lead counsel undertaking the Mason Pharmaceutical bellwether trials. Kate seeks justice for the victims of a dangerous drug, which this company unleashed, but as more victims are coming forward, a whistleblower enters the picture.

Elle Procter is anxious, scared, and seems to be fighting her own demons, but she is a researcher that holds the frightening facts about more than one drug and the problems. Now, Kate needs the discretion of a private investigator to find out more.

Landon James is still picking up the pieces from his service overseas as an Army Ranger, but he is finding his niche in private investigations. Although he had previous dealings with legal cases, where the priority is about money, he comes a bit wary meeting his newest potential client. However, it doesn’t take Landon long to realize that she lives up to the profile his research projects, and her compassion brings her version of justice from the heart.

As we are falling in love with Landon, he is gathering the facts, and he uncovers that death can be outsourced.

He worries about Kate as his protective instinct locks into gear. She knows enough to be in danger but just not enough to bring in the police, and things are shaping up to where the hunter becomes the prey. His battlefield past is coming back to haunt him as he fears a costly mistake could leave this attorney at death’s door.

Will wrongful death follow them to the courtroom or will this case die before it hits the docket?


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DEADLY PROOF by Rachel Dylan places attorney Kate Sullivan into the hardest case of her career.

In the Mason Pharmaceutical case, the plaintiffs need justice for a wrongful death and a damaging drug, but this one medicine is still on the market. Its growth is on target to reach more patients, but she needs to stop a powerful company from hurting more for the sake of a bulging bottom line. The death of a whistleblower takes this case in another direction and into the company’s research and development capabilities.

While Landon James hasn’t been a PI for long, his experience as an Army Ranger makes this job the perfect fit. He’s hired by a plaintiff’s law firm and starts to dig up the buried bits of a Big Pharma player.

Do profits matter much more than patients do within Mason Pharmaceutical? If this is the case, how far will they go to ensure their piece of the pie?

For the sake of this lawyer in his life, he must avoid any appearance of impropriety, but his heart is gathering steam in the wrong direction when she becomes the target!