Review of HOME ALL ALONG (An Amish Secrets Novel) by Beth Wiseman

Publisher: Thomas Nelson | Published: September 26, 2017 | Formats: eBook (320 pages), Paperback (320 pages), Hardcover (Published: October 4, 2017), and Audio | ASIN: B01N0CS9YX, ISBN: 9781401685973, ISBN: 9781432842161, and Audio ISBN: 9781536693386 | Series: An Amish Secrets Novel | Origin: NetGalley


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HOME ALL ALONG (An Amish Secrets Novel) by Beth Wiseman captures life inside the Amish and Englisch worlds as well as the pain that occupies each.

The pull of today’s heavy topics seizes its hold on us as we turn the page….

Charlotte Dolinsky walks a path where love grows, but the pain will follow when the death of a family member makes things difficult for a fragile relationship.

Charlotte’s younger years were far from average and dysfunction looms mightily inside her past, but she makes her home in the most unexpected place. The Amish world in Lancaster County becomes her refuge, and these residents have become a foster family of sorts by allowing her into their circles and into their lives. However, living among the Plain People is much different than living as they live.

Is she finally reaching the critical stage of a decision?

While she digs her way through the grief and uncertainty, Charlotte uncovers another family secret once this secret discovers her!

Meanwhile, Daniel Byler is baptized Amish and stands by Charlotte in her time of need, but he has his worries about their future. He’s in love with her, but at the same time, he woes her indecision. Daniel’s been hurt before and fears his heart will be broken again.

Family life for Daniel has its problems as other issues within his district weigh upon him.

How can he console anyone if his life falls apart?

Are these problems too burdensome to overcome for this opposite attracts relationship? Even if love survives, will someone in this district fall under the shunning?


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Inside HOME ALL ALONG (An Amish Secrets Novel) by Beth Wiseman, Charlotte Dolinsky questions her life, her decisions, her history, and even her faith. Death makes her doubt all that she believes in and everything that’s happened before. Charlotte enters into this crossroad between the Amish world and her Englisch ties as a visitor comes to call bringing more problems to this community.

Daniel stands by Charlotte through it all as a steadfast force for her to lean on, and they’ve fallen in love. There is just one problem. He is Amish, and she is not. As Daniel Byler is amazed at the journey Charlotte has made, he’s just as often reminded of her hesitancy to belong to his community. She’s living between two different worlds and seems to stay with one foot planted in each. The Amish community loves her, but they cannot accept a baptized man marrying an Englisch woman.

The Bishop is questioning, his parents are pushing, and his family life is falling apart as they become entangled in a major health crisis.

Death and illness heaps much stress on their shoulders and pain is coming from many directions. Will these two end up stronger together or better apart? Have both Daniel and Charlotte been moving in the wrong direction?