Review of COLORS OF CHRISTMAS by Olivia Newport

Publisher: Shiloh Run Press | Published: September 20, 2017 | Formats: eBook (320 pages) and Paperback (320 pages) | ASIN: B071HB3VQJ and ISBN: 9781683223351 | Origin: NetGalley  


Cover: Courtesy of Shiloh Run Press



Through COLORS OF CHRISTMAS, Olivia Newport moves us out of one life and into another during difficult Christmas seasons. We’ll find things in disarray and situations rife with pain.

How can the beauty of this Christmas be still appreciated when nothing is as the season before?

Inside Christmas in Gold, Astrid’s life changes are due to advanced age. She hadn’t wanted to move, but her fall is the reason her children insist. At this tender life stage, it’s hard to be under the rule of the children you raised when you still have the ability to do as you please. Well, that is only until you injure yourself and no longer have that ability, and thus the move to Sycamore Hills Community Living is upon her.

However, they both were right, she did need to relocate, or at least her body did. Her mind wants independence, and maybe that is still possible. It is just hard to give up all that you built, and it is something that she’s had to do before. Those fearsome memories return in vivid color after all these years.

Having something in common tends to bring people together. Will friendships grow even in the darkest of times?

In Christmas in Blue, we meet Angela who is facing the first Christmas after her close friend’s death.

The funny thing about bemoaning this holiday is that Carole was all Christmas and almost all the time, thus making this first even more painful. If she allowed it, every song, movie, and decoration would reduce Angela to tears. No, this year, she is going to this holiday in quiet. Unfortunately, no one told the committee this decision. Angela would not think she even had to. Yes, she assisted Carole on the town’s celebrations, but everyone knew it was Carole’s baby. Angela was just a helper and friend.

However, to honor Carole, the committee decided to give Angela the celebration duties so that she could run it the same way her friend would. Without the benefit of time to change things, this agenda is set almost in secret, and Angela needs help.

When does one’s assistance turn into a disaster? When could a mystery turn to merriment? Is sabotage underfoot or is a new tradition being born?


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COLORS OF CHRISTMAS by Olivia Newport begins inside the stark realities of life changes where hope could not stay buried but lives on to become the beacon of light for others to follow.

Two novellas showcase a death of life as it previously exists only to have it blossom into the rays of hope inside a new Christmas season.