Review of JOURNEY BACK TO CHRISTMAS: Based on Hallmark Channel Original Movie by Leigh Duncan


 Publisher: Hallmark Publishing | Published: October 17, 2017 | Formats: eBook (153 pages) | ASIN: B07691915Y | Origin: NetGalley


Cover: Courtesy of Hallmark Publishing through NetGalley



Although JOURNEY BACK TO CHRISTMAS is based on a Hallmark Channel Original Movie, Leigh Duncan moves this amazing stand-alone story forward to leave readers entranced in a book as she reintroduces 1945!

From cars and homes to jobs and holiday traditions, readers will steep in the months just after the war. Hanna Morse will face another Christmas alone. Her life’s dream falters only months before. Her husband will not return home as the other service members would. Chet is gone. Employed as a nurse, she tries to keep her pain in check, but as this Christmas holiday nears, Hanna struggles with grief.

However, Hanna’s world is about to take a leap ahead more than anyone could imagine!

It all starts with an adorable dog, a simple act of kindness, and a comet making its same appearance every seventy-one years when Hanna finds shelter after a car accident as the snow continues.

Once daylight arrives, she moves out to land back in the same town, but Hanna sees people she doesn’t know, places she’s never visited, and devices she never dreamed about, but she cannot find her car. Now, the police believe she’s unraveling. She cannot grasp this date and talks about the wrong President.

For her, it does not feel real. Wanting to get home, she tries every possible fix.

To keep her wits about her, she starts to wonder what life does she have to get home to. Prayers help to keep up her sanity as she tries to adjust and learn much of everything inside the year of 2016 until she meets someone who takes her from a dream into reality.

Realizing that she is not meant to be here, she’s fearful that maybe it is true after all. It may be that you can never really go home again.

Will she uncover her own Christmas miracle?

**Full Disclosure: I have not seen this movie. However, I do have an amazing knowledge that when I do, I will not be disappointed, but this is not something that often occurs since I read the book first!**


***This opinion is my own.***



In JOURNEY BACK TO CHRISTMAS: Based on Hallmark Channel Original Movie by Leigh Duncan, a war widow grieves the loss of her husband as the Christmas holiday nears.

Hanna Morse takes care of her patients. In fact, these people help her get through her day. While others attend the yearly gatherings and everyone else is staying outside at the square to see the seventy-year spectacle of the Christmas Comet, Hanna goes home.

The drifting snow creates a road hazard and Hanna losses consciousness, but when she awakes, she is far from at home.

The name of the town is the only thing that is the same!

From new people and places to a new history and a new century, Hanna is searching for a way back home for Christmas. With this year’s comet arrival, will she find her miracle homecoming?