Review of SOUND OF FEAR by Marta Perry

Publisher: HQN Books | Published: October 31, 2017 | Format: eBook (384 pages) and Mass Market Paperback (384 pages) | ASIN: B01MY8V70H and ISBN: 9780373803699 | Series: Echo Falls Origin: NetGalley

Cover: Courtesy of HQN Books through NetGalley



SOUND OF FEAR by Marta Perry topples the stack of expectations inside loyalties, alliances, love, and family while placing some characters on the opposite end to leave some stuck right in the middle of a story teetering on dangerous!

Identity becomes a necessity with Amanda Curtiss. She used to know all about herself and her family until she found out it was all a lie. Can she blame her deceased mother for hiding the truth? On the other hand, is something more going on here? Whom can she trust?

Meanwhile, Trey’s law firm is just beginning to bounce back from its disastrous past, but as his next client walks in the office, he’s beginning to wonder why her well-known Boston attorney is sending her to him? Sure, it could be as stated with court calendars and cases, but her standoffishness is promising this case could be much more a problem than a payout.

Trey agrees to look into her claims about a death in Echo Falls decades ago, but he has to wonder if going after the richest town resident is the real goal here. That is until he understands just how wealthy and famous her mother had become.

However, Amanda must realize that wealth and fame have its own kind of danger.

In this case, a deceased mother, an estate to enter probate, precious paintings, and legal affairs can be deadly inside an Amish community!

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Inside SOUND OF FEAR by Marta Perry, Amanda Curtiss expects the death of her mother to stay as the blur of memory and pain it has become. She manages to go back to work, but she isn’t prepared for the legal aspects nor its implications to come crashing down on her.

Determined to prove the truth, she visits Echo Falls.

Meanwhile, Trey inherited his grandfather’s law firm from his dad, but he has had major problems in the past. Now, he is managing to keep it afloat, but it is not an easy paycheck to earn. He perches on a crest of needing clients, and his being almost too careful about which client he takes. Until his next client unexpectedly needs him to walk a fraying tightrope, between attorney-client privilege and his duty to his client all while staying within the law.

However, silence will be tantamount to consent if he does not speak up this time!