Review of THE HEART OF AN AGENT (The Adirondack Pinkertons) by Tracey J. Lyons


Publisher: Waterfall Press | Published: November 7, 2017 | Format: eBook (256 pages), Paperback (256 pages), and Audio | ASIN: B072JB9V9C, ISBN: 9781542046671, and Audio ISBN: 9781543636567 Series: The Adirondack Pinkertons Origin: NetGalley 


Cover: Courtesy of Waterfall Press through NetGalley


THE HEART OF AN AGENT (The Adirondack Pinkertons) by Tracey J. Lyons takes us from grief to opportunity in a tale where romance springs up in a desolate place when we least expect it!

Lily Handland has paid a debt to society in one of the most unusual ways, but she is ready to plant a home in Heartston. Beauty surrounds her, as do the Great Camps of the Adirondacks.

The problem is that inside this finding a home tale, we’ll take detours along the way.

Lily does have savings, but she is a lady without a family. The only way to make her dream a reality is for her to start a business, but for women during 1892, it is not an easy way to go. However, a criminal past is behind her, but the present brings a new set of problems.

Exactly, how did she come into her savings? Many will want to know.

Her career, somewhat forced upon her, was an honorable path, at the time, but her involvement with these criminal elements may be a hindrance to a new respectable future. In different places and at many times, while inside situations not at all proper for a woman, Lily gave her all to make it an opportunity. She’s come this far, and it is the last step to forging a future.

Holding a breath, she enters the bank.

Meanwhile, Owen Murphy has given up on life and his business. He let things grow into a rotting institution that is being tended by an older married couple, keeping it barely alive as if waiting for him to come back to life. Although, once his wife Rebecca died, he could not get back to living but only to dreading every day.

Once Mrs. Cuddieback announces they have an unexpected guest, he is determined to keep clear and hide in his office as he does daily. Owen’s guilt and pain is his full-time job at least until someone barges into his office with the banker following her, almost as an afterthought.

Between their visit, this news, and an ultimatum, things will change whether he wants it to or not. Anger, guilt, grief, loss of control, and pain may make this Owen’s last stand!



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In THE HEART OF AN AGENT (The Adirondack Pinkertons) by Tracey J. Lyons, secrets are difficult to hide and guilt steals life!

Owen Murphy hides away as his heart lays bare. Day blends into night untouched by a calendar and his circle of friendship shrinks.

Meanwhile, Lily Handland feels hopeful for the first time since her mother’s death. She leaves the famed Pinkerton Detectives to find her own way. Yes, she comes from criminal intent to capture of the perpetrators, but this career was not her choice.

It is time for her to find a home, make a family, and uncover a new life. With faith, plans, and savings, she looks for the right business to see to her finances properly. Heartston is a town that has everything she needs, and the beauty of the Adirondacks keeps her focus to the heavens.

Once these two lives collide through a business deal, everything is about to go haywire as trust is broken and friend becomes foe!