Review of VANISHING POINT: A Nikki Boyd Novel by Lisa Harris

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Publisher: Revell | Published: November 7, 2017 | Format: eBook (322 pages), Paperback (320 pages), Hardcover (320 pages), and Audio | ASIN: B06XC2MTH8, ISBN: 9780800728489, ISBN: 9780800729769, and Audio ASIN: B0779HJC3C Origin: NetGalley


Cover: Courtesy of NetGalley



VANISHING POINT: A Nikki Boyd Novel by Lisa Harris threads mystery and danger into an investigation of a missing person case where the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation needs the FBI to hunt a serial abductor who murders. However, this brings together past, present, and future inside a crime, which grows cold, only to reach a boiling point that nobody will see coming!

FBI Special Agent Jordan Lambert comes home on business, but she is not ready to set eyes on what she lost at the cost of her career. Family events have gone on without her while her life’s focus is still on the Bureau. Along with stark reminders of her past are the regrets that will rip open those old wounds as she wonders about what might have been.

Garrett Addison steps into his new role at the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, but he lands at a crime scene where death and the past come together inside a case that claims another victim.

The media is calling their perpetrator the Angel Abductor. This case spanning years leaves little evidence behind acting to damage the reputation of law enforcement as if they are bumbling it with people’s lives at stake. Pundits have theories. Is there a law enforcement connection?

A picture shows the terror of this victim. The body is posed, and the killer seems to taunt police. The young girl has a family praying for her return, but this return is not how they hoped.

This case is about to become a very personal one with Garrett.

The community is scared, and they wonder. Who will be next?



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Inside VANISHING POINT: A Nikki Boyd Novel by Lisa Harris, the calling to her hometown is not about coming for a visit. Jordan Lambert is duty bound to be in Tennessee. The timing, however, is both perfect and horrid. She’s been worried about her family, and she was hoping to spend days with them.

However, the work hours will overwhelm her time as another victim turns up dead. The FBI’s assistance is in helping to find a murderer, but the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is throwing another wrinkle into her plan. Now, she has not only regrets regarding the time spent away from family, but what may have been, stemming from a decision made long ago, seems to collide with work in the worst possible scenario.

Meanwhile, Garrett Addison went against a family plan for his life, but he never expects to run into the worse of the decisions he ever made.

Yes, his family is not coming to terms with his career choice, but as his newest law enforcement placement puts him as moving up, his present-day case could bring his career to a crashing halt. Another death, another abduction, and the relationship that he let crash and burn surround him.

Garrett’s resolve is tested from many angles, but his mistakes are coming back to haunt him!

Will the next victim be close to him?