Review of HOUSE ON FOSTER HILL by Jaime Jo Wright

Publisher: Bethany House Publishers | Published: November 21, 2017 | Format: eBook (369 pages), Paperback (368 pages), Hardcover (Published: December 5, 2017), and Audio CD | ASIN: B071KXJ2KN, ISBN: 9780764230288, ISBN: 9780764231209, and Audio ISBN: 9781683668664 Origin: NetGalley


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HOUSE ON FOSTER HILL by Jaime Jo Wright tosses us into danger from the beginning while we find a fresh grave, an unknown woman, and a deadly past centering on this estate.

In 1906, Ivy Thorpe did not want another death to remember, but she never expected one like this. It comes too close and brings forward a past that she would rather not face. Reopening a hole deep in her heart that she’d rather not feel, she eyes the one who hurt her.

She believes why cannot always come before whom.

The living seems to have fading memories of those who are gone, and Ivy tries to change that in her own way.

Meanwhile, a historic tract becomes a deathtrap, and we find danger still hovers even today….

Kaine Prescott runs away from her life, her past, and her husband’s death to start anew. The write up on this house makes a charming fixer-upper sound like what she needs until she arrives. A dilapidated structure stands alone, open and neglected, and memories assault her once her eye lands on what else awaits her!

Can anyone outrun the past?

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In HOUSE ON FOSTER HILL by Jaime Jo Wright, Kaine Prescott is a widow facing life after loss, but her struggle is not just grief, as regret and fear stalk her. Desperate for relief, she opts for a change and moves to Wisconsin. However, the house that just needed some work turns out to be an abandoned eyesore with a horrid past, adding to her present troubles by bringing jeopardy even closer.

Does death follow her?

Previously, Ivy Thorpe faces loss at Foster Hill, and death visits again once a woman with no name is found on the acreage. In her determination to give this woman the peace of her lifetime remembered, Ivy faces another mystery and puts herself in the danger zone!