Review of WELCOME TO WISHING BRIDGE by Ruth Logan Herne

Publisher: Waterfall Press | Published: November 14, 2017 | Format: eBook (283 pages), Paperback (300 pages), and Audio | ASIN: B073GWKRPW, ISBN: 97815420466957, and Audio CD ISBN: 9781543643763 | Series: Wishing Bridge Series  | Origin: NetGalley 


Cover: Courtesy of Waterfall Press through NetGalley


WELCOME TO WISHING BRIDGE by Ruth Logan Herne slides past a broken relationship and into a bad situation with roadside danger, a snowstorm, and wrong turns to have things go even more out of control. Change arrives in the most critical way as we find one string from a lifelong mystery!

She makes a plan, plots the course, and sees it through.

Knowing the right choice and refusing to revive the old mistakes, Kelsey McCleary drives until the car hits a ditch. Worry and fear cloud around her. With most of her car buried in snow, the baby will not wait for help to arrive. Her connection in town may not be true, but birth pain makes it real enough. Reaching out to the sisterhood of love, she needs their assistance. Theirs is a fellowship born of broken lives and families in a place where kinship is not always by blood and faith changes lives.

Will her mistake shift everything?

Meanwhile, Deputy Hale Jackson answers a call, but the conditions don’t seem as described. This lake effect snow turns from a Christmas nicety to nearly a complete whiteout, but the caller left no doubts about what was out here. These snowdrifts are left undisturbed. Praying he will find whatever was going on, he keeps the light moving. A dim difference registers, and he spots a car as he nears.

A pregnant woman in labor in a town without a hospital closer than snow allows for travel means a whole lot of problems for Wishing Bridge, but it also means a lot of grief for Hale. Professionally, he keeps his emotions on lockdown and tends to the woman while calling in reinforcements, but he knows this night would replay repeatedly as this holiday draws near.

Will memories break his heart all over again this year?


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Inside WELCOME TO WISHING BRIDGE by Ruth Logan Herne, four friends near the age of thirty, and their lives are not what they envisioned.

For Kelsey McCleary, her situation leads her frighteningly close to her broken home life.

A pregnant, single woman, without steady employment, fails in life as her car lands back end up in a ditch. Kelsey told herself this would not be her, but the baby’s coming far from a hospital, and her bad choice led them here.

Nearly freezing, when help arrives, she is surprised by the helpful people, the quaint town, and the handsome man who seems to have a problem with her. Sure, he assumes she’s a single, soon-to-be-mother, without the right kind of life for a child, but he doesn’t know the full story either. She makes the dreaded I need you call to her friends after the baby is born. She needs their help and support. She needs them to know that she now has a baby, and it didn’t go as planned.

They soon find that Wishing Bridge has a bustling revival, faith in people, and more is going on behind the scenes than at first glance.

As the mystery deepens so does the connection to Wishing Bridge.