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#HeIsRisenIndeed Happy Easter!

#HeIsRisen, and we are saved! Our grief comes from Jesus and the cross, but we know that He defeated death today! Glory replaces pain, and our hearts swell with love for #HeIsRisenIndeed.

Remember that is not only on this day that we shall keep in mind and heart our Savior and live as He commands. As shown in Revelation 3:16: if we are not cold or hot but we stay only lukewarm, we are not in faith! Our prayer does not come to Him only on certain days, but instead, prayer goes to Him every day. Make His ways our way, through prayer.

It is in our hearts that he knows we are His.

It is on Good Friday that Jesus died for us to live!

When Jesus Christ died, He died for us, but it is through His death that we will live.

In Romans 5:21, we are reminded that sin will reign only to death and grace reigns through righteousness in eternal life through Jesus Christ.

His blood gives us an eternal life and His Grace gives us forever forgiveness. It is in love that we give our life to Him—in our words, thoughts, and deeds. Also, by doing this, we will proclaim His Word and, too by our own life, that Jesus is our Lord and Savior.



2016 leads us into 2017, and we receive another gift!

Genesis 1:14 reminds us that God set heaven’s light for signs and to divide the day from night through all seasons, days, and years.

We unwrap another present once our eyes open. On this beautiful morning, I am saying prayers before my day begins, and then I’m keeping to His ways. It’s a whole year of new days and prayer, but today, it all begins with a fresh dawn’s light.

The way we live our daily lives becomes our gift to Him.

By keeping His Word alive in our life, we shine His light for others to follow. You can join me in giving your day to Him! It’s easy. Start your day with a prayer, ask for His guidance, and live your life according to His Word.



Merry Christmas 

On this day, we stop to rejoice in the reason for this whole Christmas Season. Gifts are already exchanging and are from Him to us.

Our Lord was born, and we are having His birthday celebration! In His name, you are already at the party. Jesus lives in each one of us, and all we have to do to attend this get-together is remember Him.

Collectively, we are with Him as we are still a part of Him as He is a part of us.

Inside the necessity of our lives, Jesus is right there for us to talk with, ask for help, ask for direction, and to give of Himself every day.

However, sometimes we may forget to talk with Jesus as life moves at increasing speed while we are trying to catch up. We can be looking away from this moment to travel to the next one meaning always to go back to pick up the pieces and never getting to do just that. Sometimes, we feel rushed in our prayer as we run in the fast lane, and we forget to take time for what we all need.

We need to be with Him.

As we stop, today, we are able to put aside everything and spend our time with Him. His birthday is the date that will change the forgetfulness in us. Since His birthday is His gift to us, all that we have to remember is that Jesus is with us always!



Thankfulness . . . 

Why am I still thankful?

I’m thankful because every day is a new day and a gift with another chance to pray!

Prayer is a lifeline in hard times, a guide wire into making decisions, and a safety harness to hold me steady within happy and joyous times.

Although hard times will come in life, I am thankful since I know that God is my strength and power from 2 Samuel 22:33.

Philippians 4:13 reassures me that I do all things through Christ! Through my prayer life, I have gained faith, strength, guidance, Mercy, Grace, Wisdom, and Understanding.

How can I not be thankful?

If you have not re-engaged your prayer life yet, you can start today. He is waiting for you. Spending time with Our Lord is what I do every day. You can too. Romans 8:26 tells us that the Holy Spirit intercedes for us during the times we really don’t know what to pray.

Therefore, all that you need to do is start praying today and then pray every day. Remember to give thanks always!



Summer leaves behind maturity of reason before the autumn brings the lesson of another season.

As everyone readies for the returning of old routines, without all the glorious days of free time in the sun, we stop to realize that we’ve grown just like the foliage surrounding us. Without school or work in our daily lives, for a short time, lessons still came in their own way and on their own time.

Meanwhile, even our relationship with Him has matured. Those of us that started the retreating season new to prayer find the daily ritual building a relationship we missed without then understanding an unfilled need. In addition, those of us who have prayed before are building a forever foundation through daily prayer as we reinforce our relationship with Him.

Soon, the upcoming fall will usher us toward another set of seasons, but it is a wonderful time to look back and see all that has passed through our lives. We will say prayers of thanks for the good times and prayers of thanks for His help in getting through the other times.

If you have not started your prayer season yet, you can start today! Spending time with Our Lord is what I do daily. Won’t you?


Spring oversees new birth, and the Summer oversees growth!


I see beauty bursting forth in spring, and I know we must keep faith growing much the same as the grass under our feet in summer. Once the seeds have been planted, it’s up to us to tend the landscape. Yes, weeds will grow in their season, but strong faith and daily prayer will keep the thorny bushes from our heart and soul.

While each season has its own reason, I keep faith and prayer at the top of each one, and you can too! It’s easy.

Spring clean thoughts by Scripture and faith. Keep your landscaping up to date through your prayer life, and your roots will be firmly planted in Him as you act as His in motivation, action, and thought.



On this National Day of Prayer, we come together in faith.  Take your step in prayer.

We pray not just in suffering but also in thankfulness, and we pray not just in pain but also in joy. Prayer begins and ends our days, and prayer goes before choices or decisions.

We pray not just on this National Day of Prayer, but we pray always and forever in His name.



#HeIsRisen Happy Easter!

#HeIsRisenIndeed We have been saved! In the span of just three days, we lost and grieved, but we now celebrate because #HeIsRisen.

However, we must remember and be mindful of John 21:6 as we celebrate His life and righteousness. Cast your net to the right as Jesus asks. Prayerfully make decisions and take paths so that your net is cast in the right course, on the right side, and in the right way.


IMG_20150401_101819 - CopyGoodFridaycrosscpywrtipiccychngsmirfrmnewcpywrt800x727

It’s Good Friday.  He died for us!

Jesus died for us and through His death we live.  Remember, His death gives eternal life and forgiveness, and we give our life to Him. In word, in deed, in action, we need to proclaim His word!

IMG_20150401_101819 - CopyGoodFridaycrosscpywrtipiccychngsmirfrmnewcpywrt800x727


It’s the end of February 2016, and it’s a Leap Year!

It’s truly an amazing experience that we get to savor every four years, and it’s a wonderful time to be thankful for all your extras in life.

While we all are staring down our problems, issues, and dilemmas, we tend to forget the good that is in our lives as it can hide in the shadow that looms over the day, week, month, or year.  However, the everyday moments are the good that can be lost to our mind’s eye as we focus elsewhere.

Use this year of an extra day to realize all the “extra” we do have. We made it through yesterday and had today.  We made it through our last meal to land at our next. We had sunshine that provides much and rain that will make spring flowers bloom.  This is the everyday extra that we have and take for granted.

On a walk to enjoy the sunshine, you can say a prayer of thanks for the opportunity to savor that moment.  Need an umbrella for the stroll down the street? You can say a prayer of thanks for the plants that will soon sprout.  Did you buy ingredients for a meal? Say a prayer of thanks for this provision. You can do all this and pay it forward too.  Say a prayerful thanks for someone else that is in your life.  Say a prayer for the solving of someone else’s issue.

Remember to look away from your issues to realize that not only does good exist in your life, it surrounds you every day.


It’s nearing the end of January 2016!

I’ve finally embraced writing 2016 in the date section of forms, paperwork, and documents!

It is humbling to see that I had forgotten and wrote 2015 in the date section so many times in the early days of January. However, I discovered an easy way to remember just how to do this, and it comes from faith. We are not bound to our past life, past mistakes, past sins, or wrong paths that we traveled in the past year.  We are saved. We are forgiven, and we have a clean slate!  We’ve been given the Grace and Mercy of a new day, a new path, and a new year.

After the peace of morning prayers, I enter the busyness of life, and it’s harder to remember each day as a gift when rushed by timed tasks or responsibilities. It becomes easier with one easy task.

The one sure way to remember is simply by writing the date.

Every time that I write the date or see that date, I simply say a prayer of thanks for this new day. Quickly, this year of 2016 began to appear. Even if you easily remember the date, you can remember His gift to you simply by saying a prayer of thanks for this new day every time your eyes hit on that day’s date.


HAPPY twenty sixteen


As 2015 leaves us to usher in 2016, we make an amazing shift into a wonderful gift!

In Isaiah 43: 18-19, we are reminded that the things of the past are gone and something new comes. On this night of every year and on every night of the year, I take time out to pray and give thanks for His mercy, His forgiveness, and His new way.

No matter our past, we have His new way on a beautifully clean slate where the former things are no more. Don’t hold onto what is no longer around; you can embrace His newest gift to you.



Merry Christmas 

No matter how hard things may get, I remember the greatest gift of all was already given and received.

He was born! Happy Birthday, Jesus.

Hold on tight and remember, you are not alone.  You are loved, and you are bathed in His light.



Happy Thanksgiving with Scripture1

Thankfulness . . . 



Why am I thankful for today?

Because it’s a new day!

I’m thankful for the lessons learned, good memories, and even the bad ones from yesterday too, but today will usher in new opportunities, new memories, and new lessons.

He does a new thing today!

Many years of my yesterdays have already gone, but the next day is not absolute as it may not come. I always strive to remember that a new dawn is a precious gift. With each new sunrise, I believe I can move closer to Him, closer to His purpose, and closer to His path even through a storm.

I know this because I’m here today.

It’s so common to be glad for a bad day’s ending, but it’s just as common to plan future dates, events, or desires. However, the next time your eyes open onto a new day, you could realize it’s His gift to you!

Once your eyes are open every day, from today, you can ask the same question that I ask. What can I do for Him today?

With my prayers, this answer is always clear.


1 Chronicles 16:33-35