Review of WELCOME TO WISHING BRIDGE by Ruth Logan Herne

Publisher: Waterfall Press | Published: November 14, 2017 | Format: eBook (283 pages), Paperback (300 pages), and Audio | ASIN: B073GWKRPW, ISBN: 97815420466957, and Audio CD ISBN: 9781543643763 | Series: Wishing Bridge Series  | Origin: NetGalley 


Cover: Courtesy of Waterfall Press through NetGalley


WELCOME TO WISHING BRIDGE by Ruth Logan Herne slides past a broken relationship and into a bad situation with roadside danger, a snowstorm, and wrong turns to have things go even more out of control. Change arrives in the most critical way as we find one string from a lifelong mystery!

She makes a plan, plots the course, and sees it through.

Knowing the right choice and refusing to revive the old mistakes, Kelsey McCleary drives until the car hits a ditch. Worry and fear cloud around her. With most of her car buried in snow, the baby will not wait for help to arrive. Her connection in town may not be true, but birth pain makes it real enough. Reaching out to the sisterhood of love, she needs their assistance. Theirs is a fellowship born of broken lives and families in a place where kinship is not always by blood and faith changes lives.

Will her mistake shift everything?

Meanwhile, Deputy Hale Jackson answers a call, but the conditions don’t seem as described. This lake effect snow turns from a Christmas nicety to nearly a complete whiteout, but the caller left no doubts about what was out here. These snowdrifts are left undisturbed. Praying he will find whatever was going on, he keeps the light moving. A dim difference registers, and he spots a car as he nears.

A pregnant woman in labor in a town without a hospital closer than snow allows for travel means a whole lot of problems for Wishing Bridge, but it also means a lot of grief for Hale. Professionally, he keeps his emotions on lockdown and tends to the woman while calling in reinforcements, but he knows this night would replay repeatedly as this holiday draws near.

Will memories break his heart all over again this year?


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Inside WELCOME TO WISHING BRIDGE by Ruth Logan Herne, four friends near the age of thirty, and their lives are not what they envisioned.

For Kelsey McCleary, her situation leads her frighteningly close to her broken home life.

A pregnant, single woman, without steady employment, fails in life as her car lands back end up in a ditch. Kelsey told herself this would not be her, but the baby’s coming far from a hospital, and her bad choice led them here.

Nearly freezing, when help arrives, she is surprised by the helpful people, the quaint town, and the handsome man who seems to have a problem with her. Sure, he assumes she’s a single, soon-to-be-mother, without the right kind of life for a child, but he doesn’t know the full story either. She makes the dreaded I need you call to her friends after the baby is born. She needs their help and support. She needs them to know that she now has a baby, and it didn’t go as planned.

They soon find that Wishing Bridge has a bustling revival, faith in people, and more is going on behind the scenes than at first glance.

As the mystery deepens so does the connection to Wishing Bridge.

Review of HOUSE ON FOSTER HILL by Jaime Jo Wright

Publisher: Bethany House Publishers | Published: November 21, 2017 | Format: eBook (369 pages), Paperback (368 pages), Hardcover (Published: December 5, 2017), and Audio CD | ASIN: B071KXJ2KN, ISBN: 9780764230288, ISBN: 9780764231209, and Audio ISBN: 9781683668664 Origin: NetGalley


Cover: Courtesy of NetGalley



HOUSE ON FOSTER HILL by Jaime Jo Wright tosses us into danger from the beginning while we find a fresh grave, an unknown woman, and a deadly past centering on this estate.

In 1906, Ivy Thorpe did not want another death to remember, but she never expected one like this. It comes too close and brings forward a past that she would rather not face. Reopening a hole deep in her heart that she’d rather not feel, she eyes the one who hurt her.

She believes why cannot always come before whom.

The living seems to have fading memories of those who are gone, and Ivy tries to change that in her own way.

Meanwhile, a historic tract becomes a deathtrap, and we find danger still hovers even today….

Kaine Prescott runs away from her life, her past, and her husband’s death to start anew. The write up on this house makes a charming fixer-upper sound like what she needs until she arrives. A dilapidated structure stands alone, open and neglected, and memories assault her once her eye lands on what else awaits her!

Can anyone outrun the past?

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In HOUSE ON FOSTER HILL by Jaime Jo Wright, Kaine Prescott is a widow facing life after loss, but her struggle is not just grief, as regret and fear stalk her. Desperate for relief, she opts for a change and moves to Wisconsin. However, the house that just needed some work turns out to be an abandoned eyesore with a horrid past, adding to her present troubles by bringing jeopardy even closer.

Does death follow her?

Previously, Ivy Thorpe faces loss at Foster Hill, and death visits again once a woman with no name is found on the acreage. In her determination to give this woman the peace of her lifetime remembered, Ivy faces another mystery and puts herself in the danger zone!



Review of VANISHING POINT: A Nikki Boyd Novel by Lisa Harris

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Publisher: Revell | Published: November 7, 2017 | Format: eBook (322 pages), Paperback (320 pages), Hardcover (320 pages), and Audio | ASIN: B06XC2MTH8, ISBN: 9780800728489, ISBN: 9780800729769, and Audio ASIN: B0779HJC3C Origin: NetGalley


Cover: Courtesy of NetGalley



VANISHING POINT: A Nikki Boyd Novel by Lisa Harris threads mystery and danger into an investigation of a missing person case where the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation needs the FBI to hunt a serial abductor who murders. However, this brings together past, present, and future inside a crime, which grows cold, only to reach a boiling point that nobody will see coming!

FBI Special Agent Jordan Lambert comes home on business, but she is not ready to set eyes on what she lost at the cost of her career. Family events have gone on without her while her life’s focus is still on the Bureau. Along with stark reminders of her past are the regrets that will rip open those old wounds as she wonders about what might have been.

Garrett Addison steps into his new role at the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, but he lands at a crime scene where death and the past come together inside a case that claims another victim.

The media is calling their perpetrator the Angel Abductor. This case spanning years leaves little evidence behind acting to damage the reputation of law enforcement as if they are bumbling it with people’s lives at stake. Pundits have theories. Is there a law enforcement connection?

A picture shows the terror of this victim. The body is posed, and the killer seems to taunt police. The young girl has a family praying for her return, but this return is not how they hoped.

This case is about to become a very personal one with Garrett.

The community is scared, and they wonder. Who will be next?



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Inside VANISHING POINT: A Nikki Boyd Novel by Lisa Harris, the calling to her hometown is not about coming for a visit. Jordan Lambert is duty bound to be in Tennessee. The timing, however, is both perfect and horrid. She’s been worried about her family, and she was hoping to spend days with them.

However, the work hours will overwhelm her time as another victim turns up dead. The FBI’s assistance is in helping to find a murderer, but the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is throwing another wrinkle into her plan. Now, she has not only regrets regarding the time spent away from family, but what may have been, stemming from a decision made long ago, seems to collide with work in the worst possible scenario.

Meanwhile, Garrett Addison went against a family plan for his life, but he never expects to run into the worse of the decisions he ever made.

Yes, his family is not coming to terms with his career choice, but as his newest law enforcement placement puts him as moving up, his present-day case could bring his career to a crashing halt. Another death, another abduction, and the relationship that he let crash and burn surround him.

Garrett’s resolve is tested from many angles, but his mistakes are coming back to haunt him!

Will the next victim be close to him?



Review of THE HEART OF AN AGENT (The Adirondack Pinkertons) by Tracey J. Lyons


Publisher: Waterfall Press | Published: November 7, 2017 | Format: eBook (256 pages), Paperback (256 pages), and Audio | ASIN: B072JB9V9C, ISBN: 9781542046671, and Audio ISBN: 9781543636567 Series: The Adirondack Pinkertons Origin: NetGalley 


Cover: Courtesy of Waterfall Press through NetGalley


THE HEART OF AN AGENT (The Adirondack Pinkertons) by Tracey J. Lyons takes us from grief to opportunity in a tale where romance springs up in a desolate place when we least expect it!

Lily Handland has paid a debt to society in one of the most unusual ways, but she is ready to plant a home in Heartston. Beauty surrounds her, as do the Great Camps of the Adirondacks.

The problem is that inside this finding a home tale, we’ll take detours along the way.

Lily does have savings, but she is a lady without a family. The only way to make her dream a reality is for her to start a business, but for women during 1892, it is not an easy way to go. However, a criminal past is behind her, but the present brings a new set of problems.

Exactly, how did she come into her savings? Many will want to know.

Her career, somewhat forced upon her, was an honorable path, at the time, but her involvement with these criminal elements may be a hindrance to a new respectable future. In different places and at many times, while inside situations not at all proper for a woman, Lily gave her all to make it an opportunity. She’s come this far, and it is the last step to forging a future.

Holding a breath, she enters the bank.

Meanwhile, Owen Murphy has given up on life and his business. He let things grow into a rotting institution that is being tended by an older married couple, keeping it barely alive as if waiting for him to come back to life. Although, once his wife Rebecca died, he could not get back to living but only to dreading every day.

Once Mrs. Cuddieback announces they have an unexpected guest, he is determined to keep clear and hide in his office as he does daily. Owen’s guilt and pain is his full-time job at least until someone barges into his office with the banker following her, almost as an afterthought.

Between their visit, this news, and an ultimatum, things will change whether he wants it to or not. Anger, guilt, grief, loss of control, and pain may make this Owen’s last stand!



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In THE HEART OF AN AGENT (The Adirondack Pinkertons) by Tracey J. Lyons, secrets are difficult to hide and guilt steals life!

Owen Murphy hides away as his heart lays bare. Day blends into night untouched by a calendar and his circle of friendship shrinks.

Meanwhile, Lily Handland feels hopeful for the first time since her mother’s death. She leaves the famed Pinkerton Detectives to find her own way. Yes, she comes from criminal intent to capture of the perpetrators, but this career was not her choice.

It is time for her to find a home, make a family, and uncover a new life. With faith, plans, and savings, she looks for the right business to see to her finances properly. Heartston is a town that has everything she needs, and the beauty of the Adirondacks keeps her focus to the heavens.

Once these two lives collide through a business deal, everything is about to go haywire as trust is broken and friend becomes foe!


Review of SOUND OF FEAR by Marta Perry

Publisher: HQN Books | Published: October 31, 2017 | Format: eBook (384 pages) and Mass Market Paperback (384 pages) | ASIN: B01MY8V70H and ISBN: 9780373803699 | Series: Echo Falls Origin: NetGalley

Cover: Courtesy of HQN Books through NetGalley



SOUND OF FEAR by Marta Perry topples the stack of expectations inside loyalties, alliances, love, and family while placing some characters on the opposite end to leave some stuck right in the middle of a story teetering on dangerous!

Identity becomes a necessity with Amanda Curtiss. She used to know all about herself and her family until she found out it was all a lie. Can she blame her deceased mother for hiding the truth? On the other hand, is something more going on here? Whom can she trust?

Meanwhile, Trey’s law firm is just beginning to bounce back from its disastrous past, but as his next client walks in the office, he’s beginning to wonder why her well-known Boston attorney is sending her to him? Sure, it could be as stated with court calendars and cases, but her standoffishness is promising this case could be much more a problem than a payout.

Trey agrees to look into her claims about a death in Echo Falls decades ago, but he has to wonder if going after the richest town resident is the real goal here. That is until he understands just how wealthy and famous her mother had become.

However, Amanda must realize that wealth and fame have its own kind of danger.

In this case, a deceased mother, an estate to enter probate, precious paintings, and legal affairs can be deadly inside an Amish community!

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Inside SOUND OF FEAR by Marta Perry, Amanda Curtiss expects the death of her mother to stay as the blur of memory and pain it has become. She manages to go back to work, but she isn’t prepared for the legal aspects nor its implications to come crashing down on her.

Determined to prove the truth, she visits Echo Falls.

Meanwhile, Trey inherited his grandfather’s law firm from his dad, but he has had major problems in the past. Now, he is managing to keep it afloat, but it is not an easy paycheck to earn. He perches on a crest of needing clients, and his being almost too careful about which client he takes. Until his next client unexpectedly needs him to walk a fraying tightrope, between attorney-client privilege and his duty to his client all while staying within the law.

However, silence will be tantamount to consent if he does not speak up this time!


Review of JOURNEY BACK TO CHRISTMAS: Based on Hallmark Channel Original Movie by Leigh Duncan


 Publisher: Hallmark Publishing | Published: October 17, 2017 | Formats: eBook (153 pages) | ASIN: B07691915Y | Origin: NetGalley


Cover: Courtesy of Hallmark Publishing through NetGalley



Although JOURNEY BACK TO CHRISTMAS is based on a Hallmark Channel Original Movie, Leigh Duncan moves this amazing stand-alone story forward to leave readers entranced in a book as she reintroduces 1945!

From cars and homes to jobs and holiday traditions, readers will steep in the months just after the war. Hanna Morse will face another Christmas alone. Her life’s dream falters only months before. Her husband will not return home as the other service members would. Chet is gone. Employed as a nurse, she tries to keep her pain in check, but as this Christmas holiday nears, Hanna struggles with grief.

However, Hanna’s world is about to take a leap ahead more than anyone could imagine!

It all starts with an adorable dog, a simple act of kindness, and a comet making its same appearance every seventy-one years when Hanna finds shelter after a car accident as the snow continues.

Once daylight arrives, she moves out to land back in the same town, but Hanna sees people she doesn’t know, places she’s never visited, and devices she never dreamed about, but she cannot find her car. Now, the police believe she’s unraveling. She cannot grasp this date and talks about the wrong President.

For her, it does not feel real. Wanting to get home, she tries every possible fix.

To keep her wits about her, she starts to wonder what life does she have to get home to. Prayers help to keep up her sanity as she tries to adjust and learn much of everything inside the year of 2016 until she meets someone who takes her from a dream into reality.

Realizing that she is not meant to be here, she’s fearful that maybe it is true after all. It may be that you can never really go home again.

Will she uncover her own Christmas miracle?

**Full Disclosure: I have not seen this movie. However, I do have an amazing knowledge that when I do, I will not be disappointed, but this is not something that often occurs since I read the book first!**


***This opinion is my own.***



In JOURNEY BACK TO CHRISTMAS: Based on Hallmark Channel Original Movie by Leigh Duncan, a war widow grieves the loss of her husband as the Christmas holiday nears.

Hanna Morse takes care of her patients. In fact, these people help her get through her day. While others attend the yearly gatherings and everyone else is staying outside at the square to see the seventy-year spectacle of the Christmas Comet, Hanna goes home.

The drifting snow creates a road hazard and Hanna losses consciousness, but when she awakes, she is far from at home.

The name of the town is the only thing that is the same!

From new people and places to a new history and a new century, Hanna is searching for a way back home for Christmas. With this year’s comet arrival, will she find her miracle homecoming?

Review of A LIFE BEYOND AMAZING: 9 Decisions That Will Transform Your Life Today by David Jeremiah

Publisher: Thomas Nelson | Published: October 3, 2017 | Formats: eBook (256 pages), Hardcover (256 pages), and Audio | ASIN: B06Y4TNZDZ, ISBN: 9780718079901, and AUDIO ISBN: 9781543637298 | Origin: NetGalley


Cover: Courtesy Thomas Nelson



A LIFE BEYOND AMAZING: 9 Decisions That Will Transform Your Life Today by David Jeremiah brings an amazing way to understand our own part in this life.

Distraction through pain and sometimes feeling we are alone in prayer do not dictate the path of our lives, and the absence of these problems cannot provide peace or strengthen faith. In fact, these will happen to all at many points on the journey. However, it is our own heart which can take us from panic to peace and from weary to rest through the fruits of the Holy Spirit and our relationship with God inside our daily transformation.

From those who we surround ourselves with and our own awareness about why and how we fit into this picture will certainly shed much-needed light into some of those places we have yet dared to examine.

Using Scripture and faith stories of those inside the Bible and others Dr. David Jeremiah advances our faith maturity through self-awareness, application, character, endurance, and challenges. He teaches and shares the nine virtues we need to enhance faith from grace.

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In A LIFE BEYOND AMAZING: 9 Decisions That Will Transform Your Life Today, David Jeremiah introduces the challenges of becoming the person God calls each to be, and it all begins inside the heart.

Scripture guides the examination of stories teaching character traits necessary to transform this life. Through God’s calling, through Christ, and the Holy Spirit, all can access the virtues, joy, peace, and divine wisdom every day.